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What is this thing called The Marketing Bit?

Conversation at a local Chamber meeting.

Open Mind to Marketing

Keep an open mind to marketing

Question: And what do you do, Sheila?

My reply: I’m a marketer.

Response: Ohhhhh, you do the marketing bit.

Yes, I do the “marketing bit”.  More accurately, with this site, I attempt to feed the open minds of retailers, independent agents, soloprenuers and all types of small business owners about HOW they can do their own marketing bit.

Why don’t I just do the ‘bit’ for small business owners?

Well, I do the marketing function for some small business owners.  But the reality is most can’t afford to have someone handling their marketing.  Certainly not an experienced marketer.  Instead they try to do it themselves, that is, when they get around to the marketing bit.  Some don’t believe in marketing.  There are those who confuse marketing with sales. Or worse, some small business owners ignore marketing all together.  Still others are just afraid of marketing.

Let’s dispel some marketing myths.

  1. Marketing works when you work at marketing.  Tossing an ad out into a newspaper once or twice a year, is NOT marketing.  That is wasting you money.
  2. Ignoring marketing won’t make the need go away.  Every business needs marketing, if only to survive.
  3. Marketing is not sales.  Marketing are all of the steps that create warm leads leading up to the sale.
  4. Marketing doesn’t have to be confusing.  If you can cook, you can market.
  5. There is nothing to fear about marketing.   Not when you realize the essence of marketing is an ongoing process of informing a target market of what you have to offer and why your products, services are of benefit to them.  That is it.

So, who am I?

Think of me as your Marketing Guide in reasonable shoes who lives in the NW.  My personal joy is to see the light bulbs go off when a small business person understands they really can do this thing called marketing.  I’m a seasoned marketer with over 30 years under her belt who has worked for large advertising agencies servicing the needs for Fortune 500 companies, ran her own small marketing business, been a key player in global strategic planning and have served as  Director of Marketing and Communications for several small global businesses.  I was schooled in offline marketing and have spent the last 5 years learning and applying what I’ve learned about online marketing.  I’m open to sharing it all with you.  I won’t suggest anything  I haven’t tried myself or for other clients.  But I will drive you to take action.

I think you’ll find my knowledge and information helpful in your efforts.  If you every have the urge, feel free to ask me questions about your marketing efforts.  I am happy to help in whatever way I can.

Sheila Hibbard, your marketing guide