Online Marketing Message With A Lot Of Zing – Video

How to Craft Compelling Online Marketing Messages

Online Marketing Messages

Many struggle with how to craft compelling messages for their business and products.

Here is a fantastic example of how to whet the appetites of your audience.

Marketing Message Assignment: 

After you view the video below, ask yourself how you can use this tease technique in creating your marketing messages – and NO I am not suggesting you hire a male stripper. Let’s get serious, shall we?

Well…now that I think about it…no, seriously, let’s focus on technique and not sex appeal.

Think about how the bystanders became engaged.

Think about the engagement factor of the participants and the bystanders.

Think about how the product wasn’t mentioned until the end of the ad.

How can you use these techniques in your online marketing messages as well as in your offline marketing efforts?

How could you use this technique at your next event, in your store, in an ad, on your website, in your next video?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.  Go ahead and share your thoughts and feel free to share the video.  It is a great one.

Many thanks to Dorien Morin-van Dam for sharing this on Facebook.


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