Paul Harvey – Rises Again

Paul Harvey & Chrysler

Did you see the Chrysler commercial during the Super Bowl and hear the voice of Paul Harvey?Paul Harvey

I didn’t see it at first.

What caught my attention was the voice.  A voice from the Midwest I had heard many evenings on my way home from work.

The voice of Paul Harvey.  As a former Chicagoan and a child of the Midwest, I listened to the Paul Harvey Report for many decades.  This seasoned broadcaster would wax on about the most pressing issues of the day.  Often, he would just talk about whatever topic had his fancy.  His voice was never judgmental, but one always knew which side of an issue Paul was on. In his clear mind, it was always the right side.

You didn’t have to agree with him to appreciate his gift of story telling and his skill in making his point.

It was often on the side of the little guy…the worker, the housewife and, as in the case of the Chrysler ad, the farmer.

Harvey was always presenting these wonderful slice of life stories to make his point.  He had master the art of telling a story so people would listen.

Are you telling a story with your messages?

The real news is that Paul Harvey is popular again – from the grave. For What’s It Worth (one of Harvey’s lines)…this commercial won the online vote for the best Super Bowl commercial.

Enjoy the commercial and let me know if you ever listened to Paul Harvey.  Share your thoughts about how you can use story telling in your online efforts?

If the video doesn’t appear below, you can check it out here.


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