Google’s Take on Marketing

I enjoyed watching Dan Cobly’s TED presentation on how physics and marketing are not all that different.  Dan Colby’s is Google’s Marketing Director.  His last point is of value to all marketers, be they small retailers or large Fortune 500. Hope you enjoy the presentation and will share your thoughts below. Dan Colby’s TED Presentation […]

Paying with Smart Phones

The new trend is to figure out ways consumers can use their smart phones to pay while shopping. Small business owners need to get up-to-speed on the current and future options that are available to process smart phones.

Taking “Local” to a New Level

Supportland is a new way to support local area businesses in Portland, OR and surrounding communities. It seems like a no-brainer for customers and may be a pretty good deal for small business, retailers and services. Take a look.

Want to add 1% to 3% to your bottom line?

As a small business, every percent counts. If you want to add between 1% to 3% to your bottom line, consider revising your credit card policy. Many small business owners are discovering that there are ways around the expensive ‘swipe’ fees.