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Let’s face it.  Keeping a blog up-to-date with fresh content is work.   Don’t let anyone tell you differently.   It takes thought, planning, execution and timing for it to really work well.

But this work has some clear bottom line rewards.

  • Increased visibility for one’s website through enhanced SEO and via social media
  • Builds one’s reputation
  • Strengthens one’s credibility
  • When done right, blog content will capture new visitors
  • Can transform visitors into customers

There are also some personal rewards few talk about.  Creating content for one’s blog…

  • … makes one keenly aware of what is going on in the marketplace
  • … instills good or at least better writing skills
  • … gets one to think differently about topics because you’re always searching for solutions and how to add value
  • … makes one a better learner
  • … offers a platform to test and try out new ideas
  • … is a safe place to express one’s personal opinion

Many avoid blogging because it may feel like it is an endless homework assignment.  Others don’t believe they have that much to write about.

But what happens is that one begins to find a sense of satisfaction in the homework.  The act of blogging begins to be some what of a personal challenge to master, not to fight.

The act of blogging seems to open up the mind and what may have seemed a dumb idea becomes inspiration.

The long and short of it is, I have come to enjoy blogging.

However, I am open to as many tools as I can get my hands on to make the blogging process easier and more automatic.  Which is why I feel heads over heels in love with this posting by Social Media Examiner presenting over 20 blogging tools that the Blog Masters have recommended.

These are folks who have been blogging for a long time.  The letters on their keyboard have vanished through constant use and some may even have callouses on their fingertips.  They understand the blogging process and if they think a tool is of value, I’m all ears.

I’ve tried of few of these tools already.  IFTTT is a great tool and is not limited to blogging.  It can be a great time saver for Twitter and Facebook or any number of online activities.  So you should definitely check it out.

I was also aware of Content Idea Generator.  While it is great, it sometimes provides too many ideas creating a bit of overwhelm.

Many of these tools are not limited to blog writers.  Flickr and Google+ circles are definitely not limited to blogging.  The Google+ circles idea is a great example of adapting existing tools to serve other purposes.

One of the tools I am most interested in trying is Focus Booster, a productivity booster be it writing or writing a sales letter.  I’ve been using an old kitchen timer to apply the Pomodoro technique and it works just fine.  But Focus Booster might make the process less clunky.

Anyway…enjoy reviewing this list of tools.  Chances are high you’ll find something you weren’t aware of on the list, a tool you could create a blog post about.

Hmmm.   That’s an interesting idea.

22 Top Blogging Tools Loved by the Pros | Social Media Examiner.


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  1. Great post. I specially enjoyed the list of tools; some I never heard of, such as “Focus Booster” but curious to learn more about. Thanks for the info here!

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