Blogging – Why I accepted a 90 Day Challenge

And What I’ve Learned in 30 Days of Blogging



A little background is in order.  A very neat lady I’ve met online, Payson Cooper, innocently mentioned on her Facebook page that she was thinking about doing a 90 day Blogging challenge.  Seems she had been inspired by a Seth Godin talk about blogging.

Do not ask what in the world possessed me, but before I knew what was happening, my fingers typed:  “Sure, I’ll join you”.

Why you ask?  Don’t I have anything better to do?

Well, yeah, I do have several pressing ‘better’ things to do.  But I also knew that blogging everyday would be good for me in several ways.

1.  I wanted to improve my writing chops so writing would be more enjoyable and my posts would represent a better product.  Before this challenge, I would go three or four days (typically Thursday through Tuesday) without putting any fresh content onto my blog and it showed.  So, when I absolutely HAD to add some new content, it was a very big chore.  It was difficult coming up with ideas and harder still to actually write the post.  I felt it showed.

2.  I knew adding more content to my blog would help expand my audience, which was the original intent of the blog.  I wanted to share my knowledge with those who needed and wanted it.  Giving my blog token attention two or three days a week, wasn’t really cutting it.

Those were the primary motivators to join this 90 Day Blogging challenge.

So, I got some fire in the belly with the 90 Day Challenge and I started blogging that very day.  I continued to blog the next day and the next.

So far, so good.  Today, I am celebrating my 32nd day of continuous blogging.  YEAH!

Blogging Lessons Learned

1.  I can write about more things than just marketing and social media on my blog.  Mixing up the blog content is good for me and it is probably good for my readers as well.

2.  I’m finding more topics to write about.  The topics were always there.  I just didn’t see them.  For some reason, I do now.

3.  Writing is like any other skill.  If one wants to become proficient, it requires practice.  Writing everyday is a great way to build that proficiency and I believe my current writing style reflects that growth with more to come.

4.  I’ve learned to be more flexible than I was in the past.  Before I wanted a post out in the morning so it would have the best chance of being seen and read.  Today, I post when it fits my schedule and figure it will be okay.

5.  My attitude toward writing is changing.  I used to get mentally tight about the prospect of writing a post for faceless people to read.  Now, well, now I don’t put that much pressure on myself and am more relaxed about the process.  I think that leads to a better product.

6.  Consequently, doing a post doesn’t take me hours and hours.  It’s not that I don’t put the same thought or research into the post, I just don’t get crazy about it being a perfect.  If it isn’t perfect, that’s okay.  The next one will be better.

7.  Blogging every day is good for the soul and the mind.  It gives both a satisfying, yet, unexpected release.

I recently saw a snippet from American Masters covering Garrison Keillor of Prairie Home Companion fame.  His philosophy about writing is that it is a “discovery”.  He described it as a journey where the story reveals itself to you.  I thought that was only true of fiction writers, of sculptors like Michelangelo and of professional artists, but it would seem it is true for all of us, no matter what we try.  We are all doing our own art.


Wish me luck on the next 58 days of blogging.  I’ll give you an update when I finish.

What are your feelings about blogging?  Are you up for a 90 day challenge?  If so, let me know as I would be happy to support your efforts in whatever way I can.


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  1. Love this post Sheila! So far it’s been a really great challenge for me too, and I’m finding many similarities to your experience.
    Thanks for sharing! :-)

    • Many thanks for commenting and for the positive encouragement…but then this was your idea. Kidding. I assume at some point it will become like water off a duck’s back. It will begin to feel natural.

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