5 Colossal Business Lessons from Dancing With The Stars

By now you’ve all heard the news…Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Olympic Gold Medal Ice Skater, Meryl Davis, are this year’s Champions of Dancing With The Stars (DWTS).

Business and Dancing with the Stars

Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are crowned Season 18 champions on the “Dancing With the Stars.

What does DWTS have to do with marketing or with your business?  A lot!

To me, the comparison of a 10 week dance-a-thon to business – to YOUR business – is as natural as a waltz in a Disney Cinderella movie.

Yes, Dancing With The Stars is all about amateurs becoming dancers, but it is also presents a business owner with some gigantic lessons about running their businesses.  A few of these lessons pertain to marketing, most to attitude.

Think I’m stretching a bit?  I don’t think so.  Read on.

Business Lessons from Dancing With The Stars

1.  Stepping out of the comfort zone

Let’s start with three finalists.  First, Candace and Mark.

Candace Cameron Bure (of Full House fame) suffered such a serve case of nerves she had to visit a sports coach to give her tips on how to calm herself so she could perform.

What happens to you when you’re out of your comfort zone? 

Ever suffer a case of nerves before a big business presentation or a speaking engagement? 

Are your nerves ever so disabling you need a coach or some tools to get yourself past it?

If you want to grow your business, then YOU need to learn how to step out of your comfort zone and to embrace all opportunities – no matter how uncomfortable they are.

If you find yourself resisting these opportunities, then give yourself permission to access whatever tools are necessary so you can take your marketing and your business to new heights.

2.  Overcome the Seemingly Impossible

There was the Olympic gold medal winner, Amy Purdy learning how to dance on artificial legs – seemingly impossible.

Yes, she had a fabulous choreographer in Derek Hough, but she also understood her competitors didn’t face the same challenge as she.  She had to push beyond her disability of just walking or snowboarding on artificial legs and learn how to dance fully and with grace on man-made devices.

As a business owner, do you ever feel like you’re suffering from a handicap – not enough resources, not enough marketing, not enough time or not enough staff?

Do you have to learn something totally new and foreign in running or in the marketing of your business – something that frustrates you, something your competitors already know, but you don’t? 

Facing new challenges induces a lot of anxiety, a feeling that is a frequent companion when you’re a business owner.

But there are few challenges that can’t be overcome.  The first step is to want to move beyond the fear and frustration.  The next step is to make it your business mission to learn whatever it is that your business is lacking and correct it.

3.  Reservoir of Creativity

Then there is Maxs and Meryl, the ultimate DWTS winners.

Maxs had to tap into his reservoir of creativity that hadn’t been fully tested for some time.

He knew he had to get away for formulaic style of the Dancing With The Stars so his partner would stand out.  He also understood Meryl was a great dancer and the pressure was on HIM – not her – to give her great material to showcase her talents.

Do you feel you’re just going through the motions of running your business? 

Do you sense there are untapped qualities that make your business different than your competitors, but these qualities aren’t being leveraged in your marketing to help bring you customers?  

We all fall into ruts.  The first step is to recognize we’re in a rut.  Then to shake ourselves out of it and tap into our own pool of creativity so we can achieve more.

4.  Gratitude

Every DWTS contestant expressed a deep sense of gratitude for their partners and for the support of their fans.

When is the last time you thanked your customers for their support of your business?

When is the last time you thanked your staff for all that they do?

Are you grateful you are in business for yourself and have control over your future?

Genuine gratitude can be the key to your business being a true joy and not a grind.  Find your gratitude and practice is daily.

5.  Transformation

Again, every contestant told of how they felt ‘changed’ by their experience on Dancing With The Stars.

This change wasn’t just about the new friends they had made on the show or their new dancing skills. It was a true sense of discovering something new inside that was hidden before this experience. They discovered a grit, a work ethic, a new desire – to be and become more than  they were when DWTS began.  This experience had changed them as people.

When did you, your business last have a sense change or renewal?    

What can you do to create revitalize yourself and your business? 

Yes, business is about creating happy customers and making money.

But YOUR business can be much more than just dollar signs.  It can be absolutely anything you want it to be. 

It can be about something bigger, something that stirs your soul.  It could create a positive change for others, which, in turn, could create a transformation in you.

Your Turn

What life, business or marketing lessons did you learn from Dancing With The Starts and how can you apply those lessons to your business?

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