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You are in front of an audience.

You are there to share your knowledge and your ideas about a topic you know inside and out.

Inside your stomach is turning, your palms are becoming moist, but you hold on.

Rather than just going through your points, you speak with confidence.

Your audience becomes engaged.  They are really listening to YOU and your ideas.

As you leave the room, you know deep in your heart that have moved minds with YOUR ideas.

Isn’t that what business is all about?

Isn’t this what we want to feel when we talk to prospects or customers?

Don’t we want them to listen and be persuaded that we know what needs to be done – that we have the answer?

That’s called effective communications.

Other Powerhouses

I’ve been watching snippets of The Roosevelts on OPB.  The one surprise aspect of the Ken Burns documentary is while the Roosevelts changed our world, they didn’t come into this world blessed with powerful personas.

They struggled.  Some struggled a lot.  Teddy suffered from bouts of depression throughout his life – in contrast to his displays boyish enthusiasm and devil-may-care attitude.

Franklin was sickly as a child.  An unpopular boy in school, was ignored by his classmates and just an average student.  He was nothing exceptional. If he hadn’t been a Roosevelt and didn’t have a strong campaign promoter, he wouldn’t have become President.

Eleanor was awkward, lonely and spent her life feeling unloved and unwanted.

The point is that these great historical figures became powerful.  They learned how to speak with C O N F I D E N C E.

They became skilled in winning people over to their – sometimes unpopular – point of view.

This persuasive art requires practice, but anyone, including the shyest business person, can do it and reap the bottom line rewards.

How to create Power

The Roosevelts and other powerful figures know how to craft their opinions, their expertise, in a way that spells

A U T H O R I T Y.

Opinions, when translated into authority, serve business owners and sales people by immediately describing their value.

Your opinions come from inside you, shaped by all of your experiences, all of your expertise and ultimately they define you.

Promotion of your opinions – YouTube videos, business cards, website, infographic, blog posts, and white papers – begins to define you and your business.

As your opinions become known, you no longer have to sweat the competition.

Instead, you can use your opinions create a platform that describes your added value.

You stand alone.  Most importantly, you have created your own power.

You don’t just look or feel powerful.

                You are truly are powerful.

When you are speaking from authority, you are taking a stand and not just taking up space.

How to Communicate Your Business Power

You already have opinions about your industry, the conventional ways things are done in your industry, your products or processes.

Where you most likely need help is in the area of conveying your opinions so they capture people’s attention.

Here’s an exercise I discovered in Sally Hogshead’s book: How the World See YouUse it to move you to that warm confident place where you are an opinion authority.

1.  Identify your opinions

  • It may be the biggest problem in your industry.  How you would fix this problem?
  • Perhaps you have strong ideas on the best improvement that could be made in your industry.
  • Perhaps you work differently from others in your industry.  What is your top priority when you do your work?
  • Maybe there is one thing in your business role that you would like to change or improve.

Now take a look at your answers and determine which one you feel most strongly about.

2. Take that idea and turn it into a powerful statement.  Example: Business owners need to be smarter about marketing.

3.  Push the statement and make it stronger, more authoritative.  Example:  Market or die.

Now, that you have your authority statement, use it in all of your communications.  Make yourself known.

Remember, as Sally says:

“Every time you communicate, you’re either adding value or taking up space.”  

Make certain you are always adding value.

Your Turn

What are your opinions?

What do you stand for?

What does your business stand for?

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