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Don’t know what to say in that e-Newsletter?

Perhaps the biggest barrier to email marketing is that the small business owner doesn’t feel comfortable writing the e-newsletter.  They done all of the up-front work.  They’ve collected the email addresses.  They’ve set-up an email service provider.  And then their faces turn white at the thought of having to actually write something every month.  As best I can tell, the fear seems to stem from the belief they have to write sales-y pitches or they have to be very creative in their writing and many aren’t either.

News Alert:  You don’t have to write like Hemingway, Shakespeare or sell like a the local used car salesman.  There are better ways to communicate with your customers, but freezing in your boots is not an option.

Here are 7 tips to help you get that e-newsletter out the door and make progress with your customers.

TIP 1:  Be yourself.  Don’t pretend to be someone you are not.  Your customers already like you.  Yes, they really do like you.  How do I know?  The first clue is  they willing gave you their email address.  People don’t do that if they don’t like the business owner or the business.  Honest. So, capitalize on those feelings by expressing yourself as genuinely as you would in person.  If you need to, talk it aloud, record it if you can and then have it transcribed.  There.  That’s your newsletter.

TIP 2:  Pretend you are having a one-on-one conversation with your best customer.  What would you say to that one person?  How would you begin the conversation…Good Morning, Hello, Howdy…if they walked into your store today.  What information would you like to share with them.  Anything going on they should be aware of?  Tell them in your e-newsletter.

TIP 3:  Let your customers write it for you.  Keep a little record of questions, comments you receive from your customers during the week or month and then use them as the basis for your newsletter.  If one of your customers has that question, chances are others do as well.  Frame the question or questions and answer it.  Don’t be afraid to include the compliments you hear as well.

TIP 4:  Another way your customers can do it for you…feature one great customer a month.  Have them tell their story, how they found you/your business, results and the benefits of working with you.  Customers like being asked their opinions and will always think fondly of those who ask for their opinions.  Video tape or podcast and that’s your e-newsletter.

TIP 5:  Hate writing and would prefer to drive nails in your head?  Fine, don’t write.  Send out a video in your e-newsletter.  Make it instructional, make it fun.  Doesn’t matter.  It is just another form of communications.

TIP 6:  Afraid of the spotlight?  Fine.  Shift the light to someone else.  Interview someone in your industry and get them to answer the questions for your customers and record a podcast.  The expert will be happy for the exposure, your customers will love the information and you’ll be viewed as a good source for more interviews.  Win-Win-Win

TIP 7: Get away from the blank page.   Give a staff member some ideas that you’d like to include in your e-newsletter and ask them to give you a first draft of it.  Then edit it.  Some find this is far easier than staring at a blank page.

Hope this has been helpful and that you’ll use one or some of these tips to get you crackin’ on your next email marketing campaign.   Let me know if you have any other tips that might be helpful to other small business owners in the comments section below.

Talk to you later.


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