Email Marketing: Autoresponder – Step by Step (Infographic)

Make Email Marketing Work Harder via The Autoresponder

Email Marketing with Autoresponder Infographic

Email marketing remains one of the most effective forms of online marketing there is and one of the reasons for that effectiveness is the autoresponder.  Why?

  • Well, perhaps the biggest reason is the autoresponders takes on the burden of nurturing leads and prospects until they become ready to buy.
  • When properly implemented, the autoresponder also serves as a continuous remainder of your company and its products and services.
  • Another clear benefit of the autoresponder is the time savings associated with automation when tied to certain actions on the part of email subscribers and recipients.

If these are the clear benefits, then why was it that in a recent B2B Best Practices research study for 2013, Optify identified that a Email Marketing - Percentage Using Autoresponderrandom sample of the Inc. 5000 2012 fastest growing companies list,, almost two out of three or 63% companies didn’t utilize an autoresponder system?  Makes one wonder what that number would be for B2C (business to consumer) oriented companies.  Probably higher.  Much higher.

Setting up an autoresponder system for your website may seem a bit daunting, but it is an integral part of any online email marketing program.  Not everyone who visits your website are going to be “buyers”.  Some are going to want more information.  Others are going to want to shop around for a bit. The point is that while they may not be buyer NOW, they can be buyers in the future.

You’ve already accomplished the hard parts…getting them to your website and signing up for your newsletter or freebie.   It’s your job to continue giving them good reasons to keep your company in the front of their mind and that is where the autoresponder excels.

Need some pointers on setting up a autoresponder series company?  The following infographic does an excellent job of pointing out the results from Optify’s research as well as illustrating what steps a company should take to make email marketing work harder through a autoresponder series.  Just follow the steps outlined in the infographic.

You may want to review the entire Marketing Automation Best Practices: 2013 Autoresponders Study.  Be aware that this study focuses on B2B, but the same techniques can and should be used for any company – B2C or e-commerce.

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.  Let me know if your company has an autoresponder series and how it is being used in your online marketing efforts or if you are thinking of starting one for your company.

You’ll also find a variety of posts on the various aspects of email and how to use it in your online marketing efforts below this infographic.  Go ahead and check them out.

The Autoresponder Assembly Line

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