Email – How One Business Owner Grew His Business

Are you one of those in business who thinks email marketing is old fashioned, out of date and not worth your time?Email Marketing

You may want to rethink that position.

Maybe you’re a small business on Main Street struggling to keep the doors open and don’t believe that a little digital letter can make a difference in your sales?

You definitely want to toss that thought out the window.

Here’s why.

Email marketing is the easiest, fastest, cheapest and most effective way you can touch your customers.

Those who know you and like your products are already in love with you.  Why spend precious money in costly advertising hunting for ‘new’ customers when your current customers are more than happy to continue to support you?

All you have to do is ask.  And you can make that request in your next email communications.

Some of you are probably pretty skeptical.  How can something as small as an email make a difference, you ask.

Pretty simply.

Check out the Fox News video below of a guy named Dave.  Dave of Dave’s Steaks.

While small business owners are shuttering their doors, Dave has managed not only to maintain his business during tough times, but he has actually grown his business.

But that’s the end of Dave’s story and not the beginning.  Dave had just moved his meat shop when the bad times hit. His costs rose and his bottom line shrank.

While everyone told Dave to advertise, like so many small business owners, he didn’t have the money to do so.  Instead, Dave started an email marketing campaign and it proved to be the best decision he ever made.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can use email to successfully market your business, check out the following links.  But whatever you do, don’t skip the short video about Dave.

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