Email Marketing Is Alive And Well – But Receiving Fewer Good Looks (InfoGraphic)

Email Marketing – The Grand Dame

Email is clicking on 30 plus years and is going stronger than ever.  As with anything with a long life, there is a lot that has been written, analyzed and critiqued about email marketing and it continues today.

One factor driving changes in email marketing includes the shear volume of email received every day.  The average number of emails received daily is 147 according to a Boomerang study.  My inbox gets more than that and perhaps yours does as well.

The same study identified that folks deleted an average of 71 or almost half of these emails within a span of 5 minutes.  This translates into 4.2 seconds per email deleted.

Another 90 minutes was spent concentrating on 12 emails that required some response.  This translates into 7.5 minutes per email.

As a result, many email readers are getting smarter about identifying which emails require their time and which are a waste of time.  A lot of that decision is based upon the words used in the subject line.  We’ve talked about the importance of the subject line before and it would seem that as the inbox continues to grow, we will be talking about it again.

Here are a few tips that might assist you in crafting the next subject line for your email marketing efforts.   Additional subject line tips can be found here.

  • Make your subject lines about your readers and not about your company, your product launch or your next big sale.  Give them a clear benefit as to why they should care.  If they don’t care, they won’t bother to open it.
  • Avoid the SPAM signs such as FREE, Limited Time, Act Now, It Won’t Last, as well as some of the words listed on the infographic below.
  • Give your subject line some creative juice – a play on words, rhythm, alliteration, etc.  Everyone does the “how-to” and the “7 steps to…”.  The result is subject lines like these don’t garner much attention nowadays.
  • KISS your subject line.  Keep it short and sweet so your readers will get the point in less than 4.2 seconds and will resist hitting the delete.  The rule is less than 50 characters, but try for fewer.
  • Ask yourself:  Would I open an email with this subject line?  If you ‘think’ you would,  try to make it better until you know you would.

Remember, regardless of how great your subject line is, your content has to deliver the value to the reader.  If you fail to deliver or have failed to deliver in the past, your email subscribers may not pay any attention to your great subject lines.

Email Infographic - Boomerang Study

Email Infographic - Boomerang Study





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