Comparison of Facebook and Pinterest (Infographic)

Facebook and Pinterest Comparison

I found this infographic to be particularly interesting. is an online jewelry store and designer store.  The company conducted a major study between March 15 and April 15 of this year, among 100,000 visitors evenly divided between Pinterest and Facebook.

Take a look at the results. Some of the key takeaways.

  • Pinterest users are higher spenders: on average, Pinterest users spend $180 vs. an average of $85 spent by Facebook users
  • When it comes to engagement, Facebook is the overall leader: Pinterest users spent 65% less time on the site than do Facebook users.

Meanwhile, while Pinterest has been found to drive more sales than Facebook, data demonstrated that:

  • Conversion rates from Pinterest were lower than via any other channels
  • Bounce rates from Pinterest were higher than other channels

Note:  Boticca did not specify which other channels were included other than Facebook and Pinterest, so it is difficult to understand these negative Pinterest findings.


How might these study results change your mind about the role of Facebook and Pinterest in your marketing efforts?

Which is most important to you?  Engagement or average spending rates?


Facebook vs Pinterest infographic

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