Facebook – 5 Steps To Revive You Facebook Page

Facebook So you started a Facebook Page for your business.

Good for you.

You got a great cover photo.

You sent out an email to your customers to let them know.

And then what?  What did you do then?

If you’re like so many small business owners, you probably didn’t do much.

Stuff got in the way.

You forgot.

You’re too busy during the day to think about Facebook.

Okay.  I understand.

But if the above describes what happened to your Facebook Page – weeds growing in its Timeline – I don’t want to hear you say:  “Social media doesn’t work”.

Be accurate.  Instead say:  “I didn’t work social media, so I didn’t get any of the benefits”.

Accuracy is always the best policy.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Once you’ve been honest with yourself, it will be a lot easier for you to take the necessary steps to revive your Facebook Page and get it to deliver.

Here are some steps you can take to identify exactly what is wrong with your Facebook Page and some corrective actions to get some life flowing into your Facebook Page.

5 Step To Get Facebook Working For Your Business

1.  Do An Adult Promotion

What do I mean?  Well, one email to your customers isn’t a “promotion”.  In today’s world, it’s a rain drop in an ocean.  Your email could have been easily overlooked or ignored.

Step it up.

Promote your Facebook Page on your website through strategically placed Facebook badges.

Put a Facebook sign in your window making customers and visitors alike aware of your Facebook Page.

Give them a reason to visit your Facebook Page by offering a special Facebook Like discount, a contest or access to special event.  Make certain you have a deadline for your Facebook Page promotion to encourage action.

Make a big splash about your Facebook Page promotion in your weekly email blast to your newsletter subscribers and keep reminding them until your promotion ends.

If you have a large Twitter following or lots of LinkedIn connections, leverage these communities by encouraging them to visit your Facebook Page.

Tell every new customer about your new Facebook Page and encourage them to visit.

2.  Fill-in The Blanks
There is no reason to visit if you don’t bother to post something of interest onto your Facebook Page.

It can be silly, funny, serious, informative, educational, bold, audacious. It just can’t be boring.

It can be anything that expresses you and your business personality.

Ideally, your posts will include photos and/or videos as these are the most engaging posts.

And here are five additional post ideas, if you find yourself still floundering.

But you have to post so people can like, comment and share your material.

No likes, comments or shares means you have no edgerank, which means you will reach fewer and fewer people with each post.

And you should make it a point to do your posts with some frequency.  Make an date with yourself to add one or two posts four or five days out of the week.

You could collect a week’s worth of Facebook’s posts and schedule when you want the posts to appear to maximize your effort by using Facebook’s schedule post feature or a third party management tool like Hootsuite.

Save your time for the engagement part of the process.

3.  Get Dirty by Getting Engaged

Schedule ten minutes two times a day – and don’t forget the weekends – to check into your Facebook Page and see if anyone has liked, commented or shared your posts.

If so, take that opportunity to reach out to thank them for their action, encourage them to revisit and to feel free to tell their friends about your page.

Or if you really want to “engage” and impress visitors to your Facebook Page, sign-up for HyperAlert.  It will tell you within a few moments of any posts or comments to your Facebook Page so you can be johnny-on-the-spot to engage with your visitors.

These engagements are what ups your precious edgerank and facilitates your posts to be viewed by more folks.

4.  Smarter Engagement

Not certain what to say or when to say it?

Check out Dan Zarrella‘s study to identify what plays and when.  His data is based on the Eastern time zone.  This will get you started, but as you begin to collect more likes and more engagement, you need to study your own Facebook Insights as they will be most representative of your unique audience.

Facebook Insight Demographics

Facebook Insight Demographics


Not certain what to look for in Facebook Insights or what any of the terms mean?  Then make yourself a copy of this Facebook Insights ebook and study it.  Get familiar with all of the data included in the Insights until you get a clear picture of who your audience is and when they are most likely to engage with your Page.

5.  Follow Through

This is perhaps the most important action step you can take.

All of the above is fine, but if you drop the ball after a month, it will have been a waste of effort.

If you want Facebook work for your business, you have to work Facebook.

It is just that simple.

Hope you found these steps helpful in reviving your Facebook Page.  If you have some additional steps you’d like to share, include them in the comments section.


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