Facebook Engagement: A Proven Alternative to Advertising

Facebook Engagement

By now, we all know Facebook has its EdgeRank and that lately it has been rather stingy in the number of Facebook fans who get to view your page.

We also know boosting the engagement of your posts can help increase your EdgeRank.

The infographic below highlights some tried and true strategies to do just that on Facebook from QuickSprout.  This is your alternative to Facebook advertising.

Higher engagement has the added advantage of deepening your relationship with your current fans.

Engagement has everything to do with three factors:  the type of post, when you post and the words you use.

For example, according to the infographic below, Facebook users prefer posts about positivity, technology, travel, health, and sports. Simply by using the following words – Facebook, why, most, or how – within your posts, you can generate more likes, shares and comments.

In addition to the strategies in the infographic, here are a few additional tips to enhance your Facebook Page engagement:

  • Respond to all comments
  • Great graphics
  • Quotes – good with graphics
  • Add content to the graphics and eat up more real estate in the newsfeed
  • Ask questions
  • Fill-in-the-Blank Posts
  • Ask for ‘shares’
  • Ask for ‘likes’
  • Ask for ‘comments’
  • Highlight a Fan of the Week or of the Day
  • Use Facebook Insights to determine the right time and frequency for your Facebook audience
  • Create a steady stream of content by scheduling your posts in advance
  • Share your posts with relevant Facebook Groups
  • Create a “Share for Share” system with other relevant Facebook Page owners

Which of these strategies have you tried?  What were your results?

What other ways do you have to increase engagement?

Come on.  Be nice and share in the comments section below.



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