Facebook Changed Your Email Address – Change It Back

You should decide – not Facebook.

facebookSocial media can be powerful, but every once in awhile, we are reminded that we really don’t control that power.  Nor do we have as much control over our social media accounts as we may think we do.  Last week was a good example of this.

That is when Facebook decided to change the primary email address that appears in your profile.  It replaced it with a Facebook email address.

You may not mind which email inbox is used.  On the other hand, you may feel that Facebook stepped over the line by making the email change without notifying you. Further, some report that their email address was not changed by Facebook.

Whatever the email scenario is with your Facebook profile, you should determine what has or hasn’t occurred to with your email address and determine which you want to use.

The simple, 1 minute video below, courtesy of Lifehacker.com, will help you a) determine which email is showing on your Facebook profile and b) provide instructions on how to select your email of choice.

This may also be a great time for you to review your Facebook privacy setting and make certain they are the way you want.

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