Facebook – Simple Tips To Optimize Time, Exposure and Reach

Facebook, Is It Worth It?

Facebook just keeps getting bigger and bigger – currently 1 Billion users.  Everyday, more and more people along and more companies are embracing Facebook.facebook

But the real question for any business owner is:

Is this where my buyers hang out? 

If the real answer to that question is “No”, then you can save yourself some time.

But be certain.  Don’t assume you know the answer.  While you may not hang out on Facebook, that doesn’t mean your audience does not.

The laws of sociology still apply.  People gravitate to where they feel the most comfortable and where they are likely to meet people most like themselves.  For some that will be Facebook, while for others it may by the corner of LinkedIn and Twitter.

If your audience does use Facebook, meet them there.   Concentrate your energies in engaging them where they are most comfortable.

Three Facebook Tips

For those business owners who are still a bit uneasy with Facebook, feel it eats up too much time or are unaware of how to optimize post efforts, I put together a short video.  It covers three quick Facebook tips on:

  • how to optimize your time and exposure among your current fans using Facebook Scheduler for your post,
  • how to extend your reach and enhance your edge ranking using Promoted Posts, and
  • how to get your post to stand out in your fans’ news feeds with photo posts.

You should use the comments section below to share your thoughts about these tips, your own experiences using these tips and to share any other tips on how best to optimize Facebook.  If you are having difficulties viewing the video below, click here.



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