Facebook – Time For A Timeline Face Lift? [Infographic and Video]

Facebook‘s Timeline

It’s been about three months since Facebook made its Timeline changes and it may be a good time to refresh those covers and update those application tabs.

At the time, everyone and their brother had an infographic or a template for the dimensions that would be required for the:

  • Cover Photo
  • Profile Photo
  • Custom Tab Photo or Logo
  • Shared Photo
  • Highlighted Photo
  • Milestone Photo
  • Custom Tab Page

If you’ve misplaced yours, you’ll find another below in this post.  This one is from Jon Loomer.  Also, if you skipped creating Milestones or Highlighted posts, you may want to consider how to use these Facebook Page features to promote your business and/or products and services.  These are really great promotional opportunities and ones you shouldn’t ignore.

I’ve also included a video covering the usage of a third party app provider called Static HTML.  You can create your Facebook application tabs for free using this tool and HTML code.  If you spent any time around websites and/or WordPress blogs, then you are familiar with HTML.  It is the code or language used to get all of your words and visuals onto the Internet.

What if you don’t know HTML?  Well, you and I are in the same boat.  What I did was to draft my application tab content in my WordPress blog and then copied the HTML version of it and pasted it into Static HTML.  I’d love to change the font and a few little minor things, but all in all, the tab works.

If you don’t have a website or a WordPress blog (CAN THAT BE?), you can always do a Google search for HTML code and there are a variety of free resources online that can guide you.

One thing Jon had to remind me was that as the administrator of your Facebook Page, you’ll continue to see the raw HTML code.  To see how the form will look to your visitors, you need to hit “preview” in Static HTML.

Check the video below on Static HTML from Jon Loomer.  He does a good job of walking you through the process and don’t forget the infographic of the various Facebook Timeline visuals below the video.

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Here is the infographic of the Facebook Timeline Dimensions.

Facebook Timeline Image Dimensions

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