Do you want to corral those invisible website visitors? Here’s how.

Invisible Website Visitors

Facebook Custom Audience - Invisible Website Audience

An obvious online goal is to generate a lot of traffic or website visitors.

The thinking goes; a lot of website visitors equal a lot more leads, more email subscribers and more purchases.

But here’s the hole in that thinking.

A big percentage of that traffic never becomes a lead and worse, they never return to your site again.

This post will show you a way to fill that hole and start capturing more of those invisible website visitors.

You do this using Facebook’s Custom Audience feature.

If you’re not familiar with it, don’t worry.  This post will walk you through the process and provide you some helpful hints along the way.

What is a Custom Audience? 

In short, you are creating your own audience within Facebook by tracking your website visitors when they visit Facebook with your Facebook ads.

Remember retargeting? We walked through the reasons why you should want to use retargeting methods and how best to prepare for it some time ago.

Retargeting gives you another opportunity to make an impression with your website visitors and pull them back to your website.

How to create a Custom Audience? 

There are two ways.

One is through the Power Editor. If you work with this tool, chances are good you already know how to create these custom audiences.  The following will walk you through the process using the Ads Manager that you’ll find under your Build Audience tab within Facebook.

Website Visitors - FB Ads Manager

Click on Audiences and it will take you to a page where you can select between a “Custom” or a “Lookalike Audience”.  Select “Custom” and select the bottom option, “Custom Audiences from your website”.

Website Visitors - Facebook Custom AudiencesFacebook will bring up a screen that looks like this and where you can copy the pixel code to place on the webpages you want to track.

Website Visitors - Custom Audience Pixel code 

This pixel code will need to be placed onto your site or on specific pages on your site.  The choice is yours. Go into your website’s CMS or theme editor. You will want to paste this code before the closing header tag. If you have no idea what you are doing then contact your webmaster and let them do it. It is really easy.

The next screen Facebook will show is where you name and describe your custom audience.  Be descriptive so you can tell it apart from other campaigns you may be running.

Website Visitors - FB CA screen for description

You can also select if you want all of your website visitors to be tracked or only those landing on certain pages.

Duration of the retargeting is another option.  Facebook allows you up to 180 days, but you should conduct some mini tests.  The perfect duration is dictated by what your objective is and what you are advertising.  You may only need 10 days or 20.  Get smart by doing some testing.

Facebook begins tracking your website visitors and matches them to their Facebook profile. Yes, it is a bit creepy what technology can do, but as marketers, this is magic.

Next, you want to create your ad and select this custom audience you just created.

Is that it? 

Kinda.  Here are three extra tips that will help you be more successful in capturing these invisible website visitors.

1.  Build a mini Facebook funnel.

Create a specific landing and thank you page for your Facebook custom audience.  It will be easier to track and dedicated just to Facebook.

2.  Create very specific ads. 

Since you know this custom audience has already seen your website, you know they are already interested in something you offer.  And you can always target visitors who are visiting a specific website page when you create your custom audience.  Capitalize on that interest in your Facebook ad.

3.  Optimize your Facebook ads.   

Create you ad and set a very low budget.  Once the ad is approved, create 6 – 8 similar ads with different headlines or different images and run these as well.  After the ads have run for a day or two, check to see which ad had the highest conversion, click through rate or website clicks.  Select the highest converting ad and turn off the other ads.

I encourage you to try this very cool tool.  Use it to capture more website visitors, to generate more leads, more email subscribers and more sales.

Your Turn

Have you tried custom audiences within Facebook?  What was your experience?

Will you be using Custom Audiences in your Facebook advertising?  If not, why not?

Share your experiences below.

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