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Marketing through Facebook is just like any marketing effort.  The key to success is to know what to say and the best time to Facebook-engagementget your messages in front of your audience.

This effort can be more challenging given Facebook’s EdgeRank and subsequent tweaks that it performs.  But it is doable.  All it requires is a little bit of guidance and some testing on your part.

Know there is no magic bullet.  Each audience, each industry will be just a little different.  So you’ll have to test to see what works best for your unique brand and your Facebook fan base.

Below are two infographics displaying the results from a study Buddy Media conducted last April through May 31 – after Facebook changed its timeline.  It included 1800 of the largest brands in the world and studied the type and timing of a status update and when the most engagement occurred. If you’d like to dig into the data, you should download a copy of the report.

Don’t worry about copying success from brands that are larger than yours.  ‘Success’ works no matter what your size.

The first infographic is all about which Facebook status update attracted the most fan engagement.  However, you should note that since this study, Facebook did make some changes to its EdgeRank, which may have altered these results.  You should review this post from EdgeRank Checker to see how these changes have impacted the popularity of photo status updates and the levels of fan engagement.  The bottom line is that photo posts seem to still be pulling in the engagement juice.  Just be prepared that there will be future changes in Facebook’s EdgeRank. It is inevitable.

Check out the infographic below and don’t forget to review the following infographic that illustrates the best times to post your Facebook status update to involve the most fans.

Best Facebook Posts


Best Times To Post To Facebook

The second infographic is a great one as it breaks out which days generate the most fan engagement by industry.

I can already hear the moans from some of you that you don’t want to be on Facebook on the weekend.  That’s fine.  Just schedule your status update to appear on the weekend using Facebook’s scheduler.  This way, you’ll only have to respond to any fan comments or likes through your mobile phone.  It won’t be a big time commitment, but you will be increasing your Facebook fan engagement and your EdgeRank.  For those of you who may not know how to do this, you’ll find the scheduler in the bottom left corner of the Facebook status update box. See example below.

Facebook Scheduler

As was previously mentioned, you need to recognize that each brand will have a different best day and time to post to Facebook. This infographic should be used as a guide to help you identify your best time.

Facebook - Best Time To PostYour Turn: 

Share your thoughts as to how these infographics and research might change your Facebook posting schedule in the comments section below.

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  1. I read loads about optimising, timing and content on social media. These info graphics are a useful visual reference, thanks for sharing.

    • Paula: Thanks for your comments.

      Yeah…there is a lot out there, but the bottom line is that these guides are still guides. Your industry, audience will still rule the day as to when the best time to post and what type of content they want.

      Happy to share – always.

  2. Hi Sheila – Thanks so much for mentioning us! I’m really happy to see that you’ve made great use of our infographics. I also agree with you about how success works regardless of the size of a business. In the end, scalability is important element of success.


    Gustavo Chavez (@myfriendgus)
    Community Manager | Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    • Thank you for the data, Gustavo.

      I’m a research data junkie and love to see well executed studies pointing the way. I thought the piece Buddy Media did was very good. It makes my job much easier.

      Have a great weekend.


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  4. Thanks for the helpful post Sheila. One thing I’m currently trying to figure out is what the optimal size is for an infographic on Facebook. I understand that 403 pixels wide is best, but I can’t seem to make anything decent that size.

    Any tips?



    • Great question, Adam. Here is what I’ve been able to track down.

      Photos shared on your wall are displayed as a 403 pixel square image. For best photo quality, size and crop photos for wall posts at least 480 pixel square. 960px is optimal. These will be displayed at 403 pixels square on the Timeline with no cropping made by Facebook.

      If you upload a horizontal photo at 403 pixels wide, it will be shown in its entirety. A wider horizontal photo will have the edges cropped off.

      If you haven’t already, you’ll have to experiment to see what works best. Sometimes Facebook crops and other times it uploads in its entirety although smaller. Let me know if this helps.

      In my experience, photos less that 403px wide sometimes get sized up on your wall by Facebook and sometimes don’t! Vertical photos will be cropped top and bottom to a square shape, but the placement of the crop can be adjusted once it’s on the wall.

  5. Sheila,

    Thank you for the detailed reply. I decided to keep a larger rectangular image, however I made sure that it was optimized so that even though the sides are cut off, it looks ‘right’ in the feed.



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