Google Helpouts: 6 Reasons To Jump On It Now

Have you heard about Google Helpouts?Google Helpouts

What the heck is it?

Well, let me tell you about it.

Google Helpouts is an online space where experts – like you – share specialized knowledge face-to-face through video chats with individuals who are seeking your expertise.

Equipped with a dependable mobile device, you can easily connect with people who want your general business knowledge, career counseling, fitness advice, home repair guidance, computer virus removal, language translation and even make-up applications.

It doesn’t take much thought to come up with all sorts of creative marketing applications using a tool like Google Helpouts. Here are just a few under the Education and Career category.


google Helpouts Categories

How Does it Work?

Users check out the Helpouts provider’s qualifications, availability, ratings and reviews to determine which expert and type of service they want.

Helpouts are generally Free, but you can also charge for your advice. You also have the ability to offer your Helpouts on demand or to schedule it in advance.

The simple way to think of Google Helpouts is like a big sister to Google Hangouts, but with more video perks and features designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  You’re not limited to verbal and visual communications. You can share your computer screen, edit presentations or record your Helpouts.

You are in the room – virtually – with one of your customers, helping them do whatever it is they want to do.

Interested?  I think you should be.  Here are six good reasons why you’ll want to seriously consider adding Google Helpouts to your marketing plan for 2014.

1.  A Marketing Win-Win-Win

Entrepreneurs, consultants and service professionals benefit because the marketing struggle to find audiences is eased and expanded globally. Google Helpouts also allows business owners the opportunity to test out new ideas and new services and collect immediate consumer reaction.

Users benefit in that they get tailored expertise and help where they want it from the experts they select.

Google wins because it gets to bundle Helpouts with its other products and services.  More about this later.

2.  Creates Real Relationships

You know this is true. A one-to-one connection with a customer is a far richer experience than a one-to-many.  It is far more genuine and like real life.

Through Google Helpouts, the customer gets very specific assistance while you get to see what areas are confusing to your audience and uncover new ways to help them.

This shared experience can boost other areas of your business because there is the beginning of a relationship.

3.  Generates WOM  

A positive user experience then turns into positive word-of-mouth marketing – the kind money and advertising can’t buy.

Users can and, if encouraged, will share their Google Helpouts experience with you on social media as well as offline media helping to boost your brand image, your reputation and even your bottom line.

4.  7/24/365

You can schedule Google Helpouts anytime, anywhere. Whether you connect from your desktop at home or tablet while on-the-road, you can reach out to customers despite time zones or currency.

5.  Get Paid for Being a Bright Fellow

You establish your own fixed rate and can get paid using Google Wallet…another Google product.  Charge one dollar per minute if you’d like, or even a no-show cancellation fee. (Google earns 20 percent for all paid Helpouts).

You can also use Google Helpouts as a lost leader (free or inexpensive) to up-sell customers to more comprehensive and expensive products and services.

Be aware that Google offers users of Google Helpouts a 100% money back guarantee.  You want to review its Policies surrounding the Helpouts so you’re not surprised by anything.

6.  Another Google+ Link

You guessed it.  To gain access to Google Helpouts, you need a Google+ profile outlining your expertise.

It seems pretty obvious that down the road, Google Helpouts will be another piece of Google’s search results as are its Google+ and Authorship listings.  This means your Google Helpouts will positively impact your SEO and page rankings in search.

What You Need and How To Access Google Helpouts

To be a Google Helpouts Provider you need a Google + profile and an invitation code you request from Google. You need to follow the link below the “Enter Invitation Code” box.  See below.


Google Helpouts Provider access


Google Helpouts presents you, as a business owner, entrepreneur or online marketer, with a ton of marketing opportunity.

  • Ability to offer your service globally
  • Eases the struggle of finding your audience by letting your audience find you
  • Creates true one-on-one relationships with your Helpouts customers.
  • Insight into the problems and struggles of your Helpouts customers
  • Generate positive WOM
  • Great flexibility and mobility
  • Opportunity to generate some short-term and long-term sales

It’s worth a try.

Do you agree?

Is Google Helpouts something you’d like to try for your business?  Do you believe it would help you with your marketing?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Clever. One has to have so much free time to keep on top of learning this stuff. Spread pretty thin right now.

    I tried the “ask a question” on the FB posts and the suggested motivation words.I shared a really successful on my page and added your name to one of a basket of pups asking if they liked it.

    • Denra:

      Yes…there is always a lot going on online…to much. That’s why it is so important to cherry-pick which tools and techniques you want to use and stick to them.

      Many thanks for sharing me on the pups post. I’ll have to check it out.


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