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Internet keeps getting bigger and bigger

Internet the marketing bit

According to good old Sir Francis Bacon:



And Bacon offered this piece of wisdom long, long before the age of computers, Google and Kevin Bacon!

New kernels of data can open our minds to new opportunities, new ways of thinking, create new connections, new linkages and that’s what makes our world so interesting.

Whether you use this information is a very different matter.  Some would say that ‘real’ power lies in the use of information.

Some of data in the infographic below points to some significant shifts and future possibilities that may well impact the way you do your online marketing.  It covers China, Facebook, Snapchat, Google, Amazon, YouTube and mobile.

Surely one of these stats will be of interest to you.

If nothing else, the infographic is an fascinating snapshot of just how much our world has and will continue to change.

As an example, this is the first time I’ve heard of  How about you?

Let me know what you think of these internet stats and share how you might use this information in your online marketing efforts.
7 Shocking Stats & Trends About the Internet Infographic | – Connecting Great Companies with Global Talent


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