Internet, Technology Fuels Our Lack Of Patience [Infographic]

Has The Internet and Technology Made You Less Patient? 

Instant America - Infographic


If so, it seems the Internet and technology may carry some of the blame for this state of affairs. 

According to the infographic below by Online Graduate Programs, we have become an “instant” society where speed is the new god.   

As the Internet moves faster, as the online community grows and as new technology is continuously being introduced, the demand for speed continues to grow as well.  This demand is having an impact in the rest of our lives.

We want things fast.  Really fast.  We don’t want to wait for websites to load or for service or for romance to blossom.  Worse, if we’re made to wait, we’ll walk away never to return.

The implications of this ‘gotta have it now’ mentality also has an impact on how a business operates on the Internet and through technology.  This is particularly so if they are running an e-commerce site or if the audience are heavy mobile users. The lack of speed could very well negatively impact sales.

If Amazon could potentially lose $1.6 Billion thanks to a one second delay, you know speed has become our new god.

I don’t want to return to a dial-up Internet.  Nor do I want to give up the toys technology has to offer.  But perhaps I could slow down…maybe just a little bit.

How about you?  Have you noticed an increased desire for speed?  Are you finding yourself to be less patient?  What are your thoughts about how the Internet and technology are changing our world?  Share them below in the comments section.


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Instant America
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