Social Media Explained Through Chicago Dogs – YES! Infographic

Every once in awhile you have to do something just for fun.

Not for SEO.

Not for high readership.

Not because it will do anything for your social status online.

You do it because you want to.

That’s the only motive behind this post.  I couldn’t resist.

I know it is December and very cold in many spots in the U.S.  But for some unexplainable reason, as soon as my eyes caught this social media infographic, the idea of a hot, sweaty Chicago Dog lying in a genuine, warmed poppy seed bun, covered with all the fixings became a craving.

As a former Chicagoan and a big lover of the genuine Chicago Dog, I just couldn’t resist.

Besides, it is about social media and the differences between the platforms.  So, even vegans will find some value in it.

Are you a lover of Chicago dogs or do you have another favorite?  Share below.

Infographic is courtesy of SIM Partners.


Social Media Explained: Chicago Style!
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