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The challenge of every marketing effort is to ensure the communications reaches the maximum number of targeted eyeballs.  This is why prime time TV during the Olympics costs hundreds of times more than on an average Monday.  It is also why a newspaper with 100,000 paid subscribers will charge more than one that is distributed for free.

It is all about the number of eyeballs and the level of eyeball engagement.

This is also why you’re seeing an increasing number of studies trying to forecast when is the best time to post to Facebook or to tweet on Twitter.

And a number of services are popping up promising to maximize the timing of one’s tweets and postings (e.g. Hootsuite AutoScheduler, Socialyzer with more on the way).

Marketers understand that the news feeds of Facebook and Twitter make timing increasingly important.

Here is another recent study by Buddy Media, “Strategies for Effective Tweeting:  A Statical Review.”  The study uses data from over 320 Twitter profiles managed by various brands.  Based on the findings, Buddy Media makes several key recommendations as to how to maximize the use of Twitter as a business.

Before you dive into the infographic below, keep a couple of things in mind.  First, this isn’t the first study about when is the best time to Tweet.  Dan Zarrella of HubSpot has a recent study included both Twitter and Facebook in conjunction with KISSmetrics.  There are some similarities and some differences between Dan’s study and Buddy Media’s research.

But the most important piece of information you need to know when analyzing these studies is to look for WHO is being measured.  Dan’s studies are general in scope and are not necessarily representative of a business market or of your Twitter audience.

Buddy Media’s study is focusing on Twitter accounts for specific brands in specific industries such as sports, clothing and fashion, etc.

While these cheat sheets are great at helping to time your posts and tweets better, there is always the possibility that the bulk of your specific audience will operate on a different clock.  You’ll need to do some spade work to determine when you see increased engagement with or retweets from your Twitter community to nail down the best times to engage.

Oh! Don’t forget that almost all of these studies, unless otherwise noted, are presenting times in the U.S. Eastern time zone.  So make your adjustments accordingly.

Buddy Media’s full report can be found at   The cre­ative types at Fusework Studios com­piled the most impor­tant infor­ma­tion into the infographic below.

Be certain to share your thoughts regarding the study from Buddy Media and when you think is the best time to tweet on Twitter in the comments section below.

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twitter best practices maximizing your tweets infographic

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    • Hi, Jeannette. We must be stat junkies…because I too love anything that smacks of research. I thought the RT vs. Retweet was interesting as well. Glad you found it interesting.

  1. Sheila… some great info. First off, I don’t like how they showed the engagement by day to be 30% more from 8 am to 7 pm. In my common sense thoughts, of course it would be more, because things die down after 11 pm or midnight or 1 am. Leaving that window very small, so of course the day time numbers would be greater. I wish the study broke it down into like 4 or 6 time frames.

    In regards to asking for retweets. I have been mocked by this, yet I don’t listen to those naysayers, because this company is correct in saying that you get more retweets by asking. Why not? Where is the shame in it? :)

    Lastly, the best days to tweet are Saturday and Sunday? well, if it’s about sports and such, maybe, but I see less best engagement in general on the weekends,. especially during the summer months, because more people are enjoying themselves. Wondering if there are less tweets with enough engagement, that the number rises. See, I guess I am too analytical for my own good.

    Overall, I like this post because it makes you think on many different levels. Good post..

    • Jeff, I know the Saturday/Sunday thing doesn’t seem to be counter intuitive. Particularly if your audience is business. But this is about the 3rd study I’ve seen suggesting Sat and Sunday engagement is high. Guess we all just have to test our respective audiences and see which days really work.

  2. ps.. meant to add.. I once had someone on my @MyPhillyAlive profile, tell me that I seem to use hash tags well. Some say 1 or 2, yet there will be times to where I might use 3… but I usually try to use 2. It’s amazing how much more that works…

  3. You always post great graphics that make all these stats pop right off the page…and they stick! I’m constantly getting good advice from you and I’m very grateful for it! It also means you’re putting me to work! LOL:)

    • Hey, Nathalie. Glad to see you here. Thanks for the compliment regarding the infographics. It is a great way to make boring numbers come alive and get people to see the data.

      Ha…glad to hear I’m getting you engaged. Let me know what I might be able to do to help.

  4. This post is packed with info! I follow a lot of these strategies, but there are a couple I could definitely improve upon or build into my tweeting. Great infographic!

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