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Recent Changes To LinkedIn Company Pages

Just after Labor Day, LinkedIn announced changes to its Company Page design and user experience.  The promise is that these LinkedInchanges will help a B2B business…

…build more powerful relationship with their target audience,

per Mike Grishaver, LinkedIn’s Product Management team.

From Mike’s perspective that may be true, but what about from the perspective of the B2B business?

Will it truly deliver to the bottom line?

Is a LinkedIn Company Page going to be another endless time sink like Facebook or Twitter?

Most of the recent changes come down to layout and design.  But to be fair, those changes do present users with added functionality to give a business selling to other businesses more possibilities for marketing.  Plus the design enhancements serve to bring the LinkedIn platform mechanics more in sync with what people are used to with Facebook.

These upgrades are nice, but there are some overarching reasons for a B2B business to have a LinkedIn Company Page.

11 Reasons To Create A LinkedIn Company Page

The most important reasons for a business to be actively promoting itself on LinkedIn were uncovered in several studies.  One study conducted by HubSpot identified that in addition to being the largest professional network online…

1. …61% of B2B companies acquired a customer via LinkedIn.

2. …LinkedIn also generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, almost 3 times higher (277%) than both Twitter (.69%) and Facebook (.77%).

Another research study by AddThis (formerly ClearSpring, the creators of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn share buttons).  The study determined…

3.  …that a LinkedIn Share  delivers more traffic. For every article a user “shares”, LinkedIn drives an average of 1.5 clicks back to the publisher, which is better than the average of 1.1. clicks.

4.  …a LinkedIn Share delivers more oomph than a Facebook Like.  While the size of the audience is small when compared to Facebook, LinkedIn people are more serious in their sharing, passing on quality business related information and not an endless parade of cat videos one can find on Facebook.

In addition to the overall power of LinkedIn, there are some very specific reasons why a business should create a LinkedIn Company Page in light of the new design changes.  It can…

5.  …extend the reach of a business via links on your employee’s LinkedIn profiles.
6.  …build product awareness through the Products tab and large cover photo.
7.  …stimulate interest in products with the new positioning of product recommendations.
8.  …add SEO juice through job postings, which appear in online searches and on Twitter.
9.  …generate leads through company updates, click-able cover photo opportunities and the product recommendations section
10.  …provide great insights into the activities and engagement of followers, page visitors and employees.
11.  …represent a miniscule time investment when compared to Facebook or Twitter.  A daily posting of some truly quality content is all it would take to make a LinkedIn Company Page deliver.  Estimates are it should take about 5-10 minutes a day to maintain a LinkedIn Company Page.

If you think a LinkedIn Company page is for your B2B business, and you should, then you might be interested in downloading the Step-by-Step Guide to LinkedIn’s New Company Pages.  In addition to itemizing the recent design changes, the guide will walk you through some of the steps you can take to truly optimize your Company Page.

P.S.  If you’re going to create a LinkedIn Company Page, be prepared to give it attention.  Opportunities like these are a lot like planting a garden.  The opportunities will only materialize when you give it some attention.

P.P.S. To find out more about this research or to view some of the cat videos, visit Business Insider/Advertising.

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