Business Success: Do you want to know what it takes to achieve?

6 business success secrets


I want you to ask yourself a very important question.

Do you really know what it takes for you to be achieve business success?

Why should you ask yourself this question?

You might fall into or stumble upon success, but that doesn’t often happen.

What typically happens is you chase your tail trying to achieve someone else’s definition of business success.  You look in all of the wrong places, wasting a lot of time and energy and creating a lot of frustration for yourself.

Success in business, the type of success that truly matters to you, is often right in front of your nose.

Let me ask you a few more questions

What do you think the difference is between where you are right now with your business and those who are more successful?

Why are they more successful?  What do they have that you don’t?  What do they do that you or others don’t do?

Here’s what I can tell you about those who are more successful.

They aren’t smarter than you.

Most likely they aren’t more skilled or talented than you.

They don’t have more IQ.  If their IQ is higher, it is not a guarantee they will be successful.

So, why are they more successful?

What are the secrets of those who achieve business success?

I believe there are six business success secrets.  Let’s walk through each of them.

Success Secret #1:  Your personal definition of Business Success

The definition of ‘business success’ is different for everyone.

Online, the term typically spells making lots of money, lying on a beach somewhere, confidently knowing that money is rolling in.

Is that your definition?  Maybe you would feel very happy with less money, no beach, but with more time with your children, your spouse or to go back to school.

In the corporate business world, success translates into an upper management position, stock options and lots of responsibility.

Is that your definition? Perhaps you really love your current job and you’re not interested in taking on more responsibility, working longer hours. You really want to just do a good job and spend your free time traveling more with your family creating memories.

On Main Street, success means having a sufficient number of customers each and every month so you make a profit and can continue to keep your doors open.  Maybe you would like your business to grow so you can open another location or expand.  Maybe not.

How you define business success doesn’t really matter.  What does matter is that you need to define it for yourself.

What does your business success look like? What does it feel like?  What shape does it take?

You want to be investing your time and energy in achieving YOUR definition of success and not someone else’s.

Now, that you know your definition of business success, what do you need to achieve that level of success?

Success Secret #2:  Critical Ingredient

Those who are more successful have a critical ingredient that keeps them moving forward.

A professor at the University of Pennsylvania and a TED presenter, Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth, has studied the characteristics that predict ‘successes’ in a variety of fields – students, teachers, West Point applicants, new hires, sales people, airplane pilots, and more.

She’s discovered that while talent, IQ, self-control and a variety of other characteristics can be helpful, that there is one characteristic – just one – that is a high predictor of success.

And what she has discovered is very simple.

It is one four letter word. Those who succeed have G R I T.

That wasn’t the four letter word you were thinking, was it?  That’s okay.

What is Grit?

According to Duckworth, grit is a combination of passion and perseverance.  It is the stick-to-it-ness for future goals for not just day, or weeks, or months, but continuously for years.

Think about the scrappiness some people possess.  They are so focused on achieving one thing and only that one thing, that they are blind to any other alternatives.  It is that dogged determination and fight to keep going past the naysayers and over the obstacles.

That is GRIT.

Do you have GRIT?

Success Secret #3:  Growth Mindset

The third secret is a belief referred to as “growth mindset”

Studies have demonstrated that students are more successful in school when they learn how their minds work and that it can adapt and change.  This is referred to as having a ‘growth mindset’.  Students who believe their minds are fixed continue to struggle in their classes.

Successful people understand that if a project fails it is okay because the failure has taught them something – something they can use to help them better navigates around problems down the road.

They believe they can change and become better than they are right this minute.  Do you?

Success Secret #4:  The Plan

The fourth success secret is that those who are more successful have a PLAN.

Their plans are detailed and specific.  They know specifically what it is they want to accomplish and how they’re going to go about making it so.

Do you have a plan or do you just have a dream that you wish would turn into reality?

Success Secret #5 – Consistency

The fifth success secret is they consistently, day in and day out work their PLAN.  They follow it to a ‘T’.  They don’t waste time wondering what they should be doing because they’ve already laid out their action steps in their plan.

Do you consistently work your plan or do you find yourself frustrated because you never seem to finish any of your great ideas?

Success Secret #6 – Measure Progress

The sixth success secret is they are always measuring their progress so they can get better.  They understand that the marketplace and their audience are always changing.  They also understand that they can always do better, which is why they have to keep tracking their progress and improving so they don’t fall behind.

Do you measure your progress or do you find yourself dropping initiatives before they have had a chance to work for another one that caught your eye?

Those are the six business success secrets.

1.  You have to define your success

2.  You have to have the critical ingredient – G R I T

3.  You have to know that no matter what you’ve experienced to date, you can learn how to improve and do anything better.  Your mind can and does grow.

4.  You absolutely have to have a plan – a focus for all of your energy and grit.

5.  You have to consistently work your plan.  Not just for a day or a week or a month, but every day for year after year.

6.  You need to measure your progress so you know what works and what doesn’t so you can achieve more success.

Are there more success secrets?


But these are the primary business success secrets that are going to help you create a banner year for your business.

Now that you know the business success secrets, let me ask you another question.

What are you going to do with this information?

How are you going to use it so you can achieve your desired level of success for your business?

Not certain?

Feel you may need some help in putting these secrets into play for your business?

I understand.  It isn’t easy to begin to form new habits…ones that will help you achieve the business success you so much desire.

It takes some guidance and some hand holding.  But just like riding a bike, once you get the hang of it, you can do it any time you want to.

That’s why I’m here to help. Use the form below to email me.  Let me know that you want help achieving business success for your business and how to contact you. I will respond  personally.  Promise.

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