What Woody’s Blue Jasmine Can Teach You About Marketing

Jasmine Didn’t Want To See

Blue Jasmine and Business How did Hal get the rope to hang himself?

That is what I am still asking – days after seeing Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine last Sunday.

Don’t get me wrong.  I wasn’t disappointed with the movie. I loved the characters, the superb acting, the rich dialogue.  In fact, there are some scenes I want to review again, so I’ll probably be renting it at some point in the future.

But this blog isn’t about movies.  This is a blog about marketing.

But first I have to paint the scene – the one that made my head hurt.

There is a part in the movie where Jasmine is in SF and is trying to decide what to do with the rest of her life.

As if she were ordering another Stoli martini with a twist  – which she does a lot – she decides to become an Interior Decorator.  She vaguely recalls an online Interior Decorating course.  BUT first – get this – first she decides she needs to take a computer course so she’ll be able to take the Interior Design course.

Hello?  What kind of thinking is this?

Why not skip the computer class and go direct to the Interior Design course?

Yes, our Jasmine was socking back a lot of booze and hallucinatory drugs throughout the movie.  And she had had a nervous breakdown in NY City, some of which could explain this illogical thinking.

Yet, Jasmine was also very skilled at ignoring the obvious – her husband’s crooked business dealings and his philandering.  Things that were obvious to others were not so to Jasmine.

In fact, the ending of the movie reveals a primo example of just how illogical our dear Jasmine is.

But that’s Jasmine.

Do You See The Obvious Marketing Path?

What excuse do small  business owners have who seem to be channeling their own Jasmine?

No excuse – not a one.

Yet, they take such illogical marketing routes to achieve their goals.

There’s the smart accountant – a wonderful charming guy – who has been talking about his expertise in the health care arena for over a year. Every time we meet, he mentions his need to do more to reach those in the health care field.

But where does he spend his time?  At Chamber networking events. He joined another new Chamber just last month.

Can he meet some chiropractors, dentists, etc. at such events?  Maybe!  But the probabilities are not real high.

Better he should concentrate his marketing efforts creating inroads into health care associations or related online forums, connecting with local area health care professionals via LinkedIn, crafting articles for health care trade journals, advertising in local area health care newsletters or creating a special event and inviting local health care professionals to attend.

Or how about the retailer who is always, and I do mean always, complaining about how she is not getting enough sales?

Instead of using her subscriber list and sending them fetching invitations to events or to participate in contests, she doesn’t send out anything.  Instead of focusing her efforts on her Facebook Page and posting fabulous photos of her merchandise, she prefers to post to her Facebook profile and chat online with her friends about how sales are not there.

We all have a little Jasmine inside of us.

It is the piece of us of ourselves that protects us from the obvious, the logical, the hurtful truth we’re trying to avoid.

There’s risk involved in the truth.  But there is also reward.

In the end, we have to wake from our stupor.  We have to be prepared to do the logical, to do the necessary and to run our business in the most logical way we can.

What three marketing steps can you take in the next week to ignore your Jasmine and put your business on a more logical path to success?  Share them below.

P.S.  Blue Jasmine is a ‘Go See’ in my book.  And if anyone knows how Hal got the rope, please let me know in the space below.

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