Business Goals: Do You Struggle to Achieve Them?

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Fifth Step – Turning Business Goals into Dreams Come True!

Let’s transform your business goals into your dreams come true!


By turning your business goals into a plan.

This is the fifth step in your planning process so 2015 is your best year ever for your business. If you missed the previous steps, you’ll find them at the end of this post.

Step 3 was all about WHAT you want to achieve in 2015 – or your business goals.  If you haven’t walked through that process, do so now.

If you have, hopefully you were specific about what you wanted to accomplish and used your data to determine what works, what doesn’t and what is of most interest to your audience.  Now is the time for you to use all your information to outline the specific projects that will help you achieve those goals.

You don’t achieve your business goals by wishing on a star or dreaming about them.  No, you’re going to have to put some good old fashioned common sense and chunk your goals down into manageable steps.

What do I mean?  Let’s walk through your business goals and chunk them down.

Step 1

List your business goals down the long side of a piece of paper or in an excel worksheet.  You can list as many as you want in this step.

Step 2

Analyze your list of business goals by asking yourself these questions.  Which of your goals…

…represent the biggest potential for the effort?

… can be done immediately?

…are short-term revenue producing goals?

…are long-term?

… are dependent upon you putting other pieces into play and that will take additional time to implement (e.g. additional staff, different product mix, etc.)?

Step 3

Prioritize which three (3) – only 3 – goals you are going to complete in the next 3 months based upon your analysis.  Keep the other goals someplace handy where you can visit them again once you’ve completed your Top 3 business goals.

Step 4

Across the top of your paper, create the following columns:

  • Start and End Date
  • Specific measurements of progress that show success
  • Specific steps needed to turn this goal into a reality

Here’s an example of how this works.  Let’s say your first business goal was to increase the number of email subscribers.

Possible options might include:

  1. Pop-up box with email request
  2. A juicier or more compelling incentive for them to sign-up
  3. A contest
  4. A joint venture effort with another aligned business or seeking the same audience

Now, let’s pretend you decided that “D” a joint venture is the way to go.  You know from analyzing your data that this approach  will provide more new email subscribers of your specific target audience and do so in less time than it would take through the other options.

There is the added advantage of creating a bond with another business owner that is also seeking this audience.

Next, you want to chunk down all of the individual steps needed to implement “D” and list them in the last column on your worksheet.   Just mentally walk through the process.

Chunk #1

Identify an aligned business owner or owners.  If one doesn’t bite, perhaps the next one will.

Chunk #2

Study the business owner’s website, social media accounts to learn how you might best add value to this owner’s customers and to confirm that this business owner has an email subscriber list.

Chunk #3

Develop a promotional idea to present to this business owner and that will be of interest to his/her customer base and to yours.  Outline all of the components needed and be prepared to create them (e.g. email campaign from announcement through the end of the promotion, landing page and sales copy for email capture, etc.).  After all, you are trying to tap into their email subscriber base.

Chunk #4

Present the idea to the business owner in such a way that they see it as a definite WIN for themselves and their customers.

Chunk #5

Implement and track results.

You may want to slice finer chunks for your projects, but you get the idea.  Chunk down the steps for each of your three business goals.

Now you have a plan.

Tune in next week Thursday when we’ll outline what to do with all of these chunks so you will be guaranteed that you will accomplish your business goals for 2015. 

See ya here next week.

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