How to Change Your Position of Power

To change your Position of Power, change your voice.

I saw a piece (somewhere online) that talked about an NPR interview titled:

How A Position of Power Can Change Your Voice

To some degree, we all want to be in a position of power.  All of us don’t want to be King, but we do want to have some control, some power over our personal domain – be it our office, our job, our home or our business.

Most of all, we want our customers and clients to see us as having some power that stems from our knowledge and expertise.  Otherwise, why would they bother with us?

Where we often struggle is in our communications of power.

Some, confusing power with being forceful, come off as obnoxious, salesy and someone to be avoided at all costs.  They yell, scream, make promises they can’t keep.

Others speak in a way that automatically spells W E A K.  They are timid, shy, perhaps even embarrassed.

So, the trick is to find the perfect pitch…not just in your physical voice, but also in your marketing voice.

As you will hear in the interview, a lot has to do with just becoming more experienced at what you are doing.  If you are seasoned, then you know your stuff. There’s nothing to be shy or timid about.

If you lack some seasoning or find you are always struggling to communicate you know your stuff, then you need to use some mental tricks.

Here’s one.  Keep in mind the true value your business has to offer.  If you believe that it is offering value, it will come through in your voice.  If you question your abilities or your value , it will also come through loud and clear.

Take a look at your website, your marketing materials.

Do they communicate a voice of Power?

Does it clearly communicate your authority without boasting?

Do the words communicate energy, enthusiasm or do they just sit lifeless on the page?

After you listen to the interview you may find yourself like me…wanting to change the title to:

How a Power Voice Can Change Your Position 

Voice of Power


Do your communications need more Power?


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