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Bite-sized Content Marketing is Smart

In a previous post we presented a Mini Guide to Content Marketing, we covered the “why” behind content marketing, ideas on Micro Content Marketing Bite-Size-Cupcakehow to create content of value and listed a variety of formats.

But with content flooding our inbox every minute of every day and choking our social media news feeds, it is obvious there is no shortage of content.

Writing long voluminous posts on a topic doesn’t make a lot of sense in a content heavy world that is too busy to read it.

So the real challenge  is how to create content that:

a) increases accessibility

b) boosts credibility

c) cuts through the information overload

Answer:  Go Micro

By breaking your content marketing into small snack-able bites, you not only show a respect for your audience’s precious time, but you make your content more digestible and more likely to be consumed.

In the process, you can increase the accessibility of your bite-sized marketing messages because they are social- and mobile-ready making it easier for your audience to share with their folks.

And the more your marketing messages are seen and shared, the more likely you will receive a boost in online credibility.

Everyone wins.


Rather than me telling you some of the easy ways you can create micro content, I thought it’d be more interesting for you to play with a small crossword.  Embedded in the crossword below are 8 easy ways for you to create micro content.

I also included an hard copy of the Micro Content Crossword for those of you who want to print it off.  You should get the answers pretty easily, but if you get stumped on one and want the answer, you’ll find them here.


3.  extremely small Content Marketing Crossword

5.  to question

7.  visual presentation of data

9.  to vote

10. a representation of a person, place or thing




1.  a display of a series of pictures

2.  a voucher for a sale

4.  a small piece of news or information

6.  a readable bar code leading to a URL

8.  the driver of online marketing


What do you think of content marketing?  Do you struggle to keep producing good content or have you found other solutions that work for you and your business?  Share your thoughts below.


The Marketing Bit CTA - 7-13


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