Marketing: Want More Customers? Find Your Starlings.

Marketing and Birds?Marketing and Starlings

I’ll explain the connection between marketing for more customers and birds in a minute.  Right now, I have a question for you.

Have you ever seen a flock of Starlings do their autumn sky dance?  It’s a sight you won’t easily forget.

They make these graceful undulating patterns in the sky as they seem to fly as one bird, yet there are tens of thousands flying in unison.  It is truly mind-blowing.

This may surprise you, but we humans act a lot like Starlings.

We tend to group and congregate together.  Totally unaware, we’re attracted to neighborhoods of like-minded people, living in similar homes that fit our shared sense of style.

It goes further.  We are drawn to the same sort of activities, similar types of work and places to shop.  We don’t see these patterns, but they are present and it is how we live our daily lives.

It is human nature.  This is the study of sociology.

So what do birds have to do with marketing and finding more customers?

Well, if you want more customers, you want to laser beam your marketing focus on finding your special birds, your Starlings.  All of your marketing should speak to and attract more Starlings.

Some business owners get very nervous about doing this.  They’re afraid they might be leaving a lot of money on the table for a rival.

Trust me.  This isn’t the case at all and here’s why.

1.  Different Birds for Different Businesses

Your competitors are probably attracting Robins and not Starlings.  So, each competitor should cater to their own flock and not worry about the others customers.

2.  Work With Mother Nature

There is something about you or what you offer that attracts and satisfies Starlings.  The easiest thing to do is to ride the wave and not fight Mother Nature.  Because if you try to attract Falcons or Robins, the Starlings will disappear.

3. They Will Multiply

When you do satisfy the Starlings, as if by magic, more will appear.  They share with other Starlings that pass the word to more Starlings.  Before you know it, your place of business is the hot Starling hangout, where all Starlings want to call, visit, shop, use.

No, Robins.  No Finches.  Just Starlings.

And that is how it should be.  That is the nature of things.

How do you know what type of birds your business attracts?

If you don’t know, all you have to do is read this post on Defining Your Target Audience.  It goes into more detail.

Want to find out how to become laser focused on your Starlings?  Then you should get a copy of this free ebook on Buyer Personas.  It will get you flocking with the right birds.

Oh, go ahead and take advantage of the free offers enclosed inside the ebook.

Here is a pretty dramatic 3 minute YouTube of Starlings in Rome.  Truly amazing.

You should share  the type of customers (birds) your business attracts in the comments section below.  Do you have a lot of Starlings or Finches?

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