The Evolution of Online Marketing or 300 Free Tools Inside

I remember when Online Marketing was…

online marketing - remember when


…a lot different.

Have you noticed how quickly online marketing has and continues to evolve?  I have.

If you’ve been online for any length of time, you probably have to.

What got me to thinking about this online marketing transformation was a list post where I found a total of 300 free online services that can save independent business owners like you and me and lot of time and money.

What seems like a blink of an eye, we’ve rapidly moved from the not-so-long ago days of:

  • clunky forum discussions to today’s rapid firing tweets and hashtags.
  • a friendly email request for some advice to today’s premium e-books, e-courses, online trainings and masterminds.
  • solo seat-of-the-pants experimentation to more formalized  joint ventures, telesummits and live events
  •  free and pure social media platforms like  Facebook to today where almost all social media platforms have become paid advertising platforms of some configuration.
  • where almost everything online was free to today where monetization of every conceivable service has been created.

Many of the ‘free’ tools have fallen by the way side, which is understandable. After all, who can support ‘free’ forever?   \

While there is a lot more capability on the web (e.g. heat maps, analytics, lead capturing, CRM, copy writing, graphics, video production, transcription, software, app development, the Cloud, blog lockers and on and on and on) than there were in the good old days, most of these services come with a price tag.

Some of these online services ask thousands of dollars a month and are obviously targeting the big brand companies. Others are happy with a more reasonable monthly fee and focus on the independent business owner trying to carve out a living with online marketing. – folks like you and me.

Yet, if you have many $9, $10 and $17 monthly fees, all of a sudden you’re talking about some real money month to month.

That is why stumbling across this giant list of freebies from TNW is such a treat.

This is a list of over 300 – count them or just take my word – 300 services that can save independent business owners like you a lot of time and money.

Get your 300 online marketing freebies here.

Oh and don’t forget to share this with your networks.  Folks will thank you.


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