How You can Use Halloween to Create a Business Breakthrough

Halloween, Business and Mental Zombies

Business Breakthrough - Zombies

Truth:  I’m a true, die-in-the wool scaredy cat.

I don’t watch scary movies.  I don’t like Zombies and avoid anything that looks like there is a lot of blood and gore.

I totally missed the killing scene of Desi (Neil Patrick Harris) in Gone Girl.  My head was buried in an empty popcorn bag.

Frankly, I’ve missed some the most memorable aspects of many movies and that’s just fine with me.

I’ve also been scared in business and that’s not so fine.

When I started my first service business in Chicago, I was totally petrified for the first 3 months.  Walking to my office, all of these questions would roll around in my head.

Am I really doing this? 

What if the client stops the project? What will I do then? I could be homeless!

Can I really afford this office space? 

These terrifying thoughts would go on and on.

I see many business owners, particularly those in a service business, who are as scared as I was.

What scares them?  Many, many things.  They’re scared of:

  • not getting the next client, customer or the next sale
  • making contact with people at business networking events
  • that speaking opportunity that will help expand their business
  • charging what they are ‘really’ worth
  • hiring staff who could help them grow their business
  • reaching out online and engaging potential clients
  • learning something new like how to use Social Media, or  YouTube or pod-casting to promote their services and products
  • marketing their business in the strongest way possible

It is just one continuous mental zombie feast that goes on inside their heads keeping them from moving forward and keeping their business frozen.

So how can Halloween create a Business Breakthrough?

Yes, running business, having everything on the line, is scary.  Yet, getting on the other side of fear is the only way you and your business will grow.


I needed to succeed at my business.  It was that or be homeless.  You probably need to do the same.

Need a business breakthrough?  Want to get past your business fears?

Then walk through them.

Use absolutely every trick in the book.  I did.  Hypnosis.  Pep talks.  Affirmations.  You name it, I used it.

One trick I used – particularly when I need the courage at an important networking event –

Business Breakthrough - Cat Woman

was to mimic one successful woman I had worked with and was then one of my clients. I admired her business savvy.

When those mental zombies would appear, I’d ask myself how this successful woman – how my Cat Woman – would respond in this situation.  It always, always helped me glide past by my fear.It was a lot like putting on a Cat Woman or a Wonder Woman costume for Halloween.

With enough practice, these scary business situations were no longer scary.

They totally lost their power.

Simply by channeling someone else’s success, I was able to create my own.

Who is Your Business Super Hero? 

You know you have one.

Perhaps it’s someone you’ve worked with in the past.

Maybe it is someone you’ve read about, someone like Elon Musk of Tesla, Sheryl Kara Sandberg, COO of Facebook or Iron Man.

The who isn’t important.  What matters is that they are the type of people you admire in business.  They have attributes you want to emulate.   And for just a moment, you are going to channel them into your business actions – at least until you realize there really is nothing to be afraid of.

Throughout the year and whenever you find yourself not taking action in your business you know you need to take, just pretend its Halloween, put on your Super Hero costume and experience a business breakthrough.

Your Turn?

Who is your Super Hero in business and why?  You should share your Super Hero below in the comments section.

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