Marketing Checklist For A Better 2013

How To Improve Your Marketing…

…so that 2013 is better than this year?Marketing for 2013

Or will you find yourself doing the same old marketing wondering if any of it is really working?

With the New Year, comes new possibilities.  Possibilities to make some changes that could transform ‘just another year’ into a ‘fantastic year’.

Which do you want in 2013? Some old thing or new possibilities?

That’s what I thought.

Here are twelve (11) steps to take to ensure 2013 is better.  Be honest in your evaluation and be prepared to make some changes. As always, you have to be willing to take the action to reap the rewards.   So let’s dive-in.

1.  Have you defined your audience? 

Do you know your audience like the back of your hand?  Do you understand their wants, their needs and why they spend time or purchase from you?

If you don’t feel you have the inside track on your audience, then check out How To Create An Audience Profile.  It will walk you through the steps.

2.  Have you identified your advocates? 

These are the raving fans that every business has but lie often ignored.  Tapping into this audience can produce phenomenal results for the upcoming year.  Learn more about advocates and how you can identify them for your business.

3.  Are your messages meaningful and consistent? 

Does your message speak to the wants and needs of your audience or does it just speak about you, your products and services? Crafting messages that compel audiences to take action requires careful thought.  The best advice on creating messages that have meaning can be found in these videos by Simon Sinek.   You should also check out this information on Calls To Action so your audience knows what you want them to do and these tips on how to create the golden word-of-mouth.

4.  Have you identified business partners?

Going it alone can feel like climbing Mt. Everest without a guide.  But by identifying other non-competing businesses that are targeting an identical audience, you can open the door to many more opportunities and much more business.

5.  Is your website up-to-snuff? 

Or are you treating your website like a Field of Dreams?  If so, then you need to take action to make your website worthy of visitors.  Get your website working by laying down the ground work with these four steps and reviewing these 13 tips on how to generate traffic to your website.

6.  Are you using the right tools to reach your audience?

Are you tapping into the popularity of YouTube videos, infographics and the growing importance of images in your social media posts?   If not, start using some of these tactics to rev up your social media engagement.

7.  Is your social media up-to-snuff?

Are your social media profiles complete, up-to-date?  Is your Facebook Page doing the job?  Do your tweets have some oomph?  Is your LinkedIn profile working?  Do you have a social media schedule that gets you in front of your audience and works for your business?

8.  Are you minding your advertising?

Do you know which marketing efforts are producing what results? Is your advertising working?   If not, get a system in place to track your results so you will know and can duplicate success and eliminate failures.  Be willing to adapt to the new shifts in the marketplace which are sure to occur in 2013.

9.  Are you incorporating promotion in your marketing mix?

If you feel a little uncomfortable promoting yourself, check out these tips and then get busy following this promotion cheat sheet on how to create a promotion that works for your business.

10.  Do you have a PR plan for next year?

If you’re not using PR to promote your business, you’re missing a big opportunity.  Find out how to many PR opportunities you might be ignoring, the various parts of a PR release and how to distribute your PR releases online.

11.  What is the performance of your email marketing campaign? 

If you feel your email campaigns could be better, check out this series of posts covering the various parts of email marketing and how to make your campaigns it more effective.

There are more steps you could take, but this checklist pretty much covers the big ones you need to address before Old Father Time rings in the New Year.

Know that marketing is a process. It is never finished.  So, if you don’t complete all of these steps, not to worry.  You should  bookmark this page and revisit it until you’ve complete all 11 steps.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me and I’ll be happy to help in whatever way I can.


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