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How To Get Noticed

Drive by Daniel Pink

Drive by Daniel Pink

We all want it.  We all want and many need or even crave attention, particularly attention for what we do and for our businesses.

So what does this conversation have to do with marketing?  Glad you asked.

I am a devotee of Daniel Pink, a  management consultant and a best selling author on Amazon for the last two years.  He writes and speaks about how the old ways of management don’t work in today’s world, if they ever did.  I came across an old video (2 years old) that Pink used to promote his motivational book “Drive“.  In the video, viewers are asked to think of only two questions. But before you watch, I need to share a little of the video story regarding the first question in the video.

Pink describes how Claire Booth Luce, a very influential thinker and writer in the 60’s, had informed John F. Kennedy that…

“a great man is a sentence”.

Take a moment and just let those words sink in.  “A great man IS a sentence!”  A person’s entire life, including great leaders of our time, is summed up in just one sentence. Attempt to be and do too many things and  you risk being scattered and accomplishing very little.

So it is with marketing.  Try to reach too many people, you risk not motivating any.  Try to offer too many products and services, you risk not delivering the quality your customers expect. Trying to be everything to everybody is not marketing and it won’t grow your bottom line.

If you want your business to thrive and prosper – and who doesn’t – then you need to take Luce’s advice and define your business with…

…one great sentence.

Some might refer to this as a tag line, or an elevator speech, a positing statement or a talking logo. Whatever you call it, the concept is the same.  It is what a great headline does for an advertisement.  It is the sentence a reporter uses that causes us to stop what we’re doing an pay attention.  It is the headline in the newspaper that catches our eyes and motivates us to read more.  It is your introduction at your next networking meeting.  It is your retail store slogan.

It is a specifically selected combination of words that pull people in and makes them want to find out more.

Jaw Dropping Contest

This is kinda of a spur of the moment thing and a borrowed idea from Daniel Pink, but I hope all of you seeing this post will participate.  It will be more fun that way.

Watch the video below by Daniel Pink and craft one great jaw dropping sentence to describe your business and share them on our Facebook Page OR email them to me over the next couple of weeks.  We’ll review all of the sentences and share the best with you on May 31st.  At that time, we’ll have you vote for the one you think is truly Jaw Dropping.

No rules and no prizes other than the satisfaction of creating a jaw dropping, attention grabbing, lapel ripping sentence for your business.

Feel free to pass this post along if you know of someone who would also be interested in creating a Jaw Dropping Sentence for their business.

Don’t worry.  You won’t be alone.   I’m going to working on this marketing assignment as well.

Helpful Tips

The best sentences will be those with the fewest words, ideally six words or fewer.  Why? According to research, you only have nine seconds to create jaw dropping attention for your business.  And to create jaw dropping attention, you need to select specific words that are packed with emotion – whatever desired emotion you want to create on the part of the reader or listener and fully charged with power.

So watch the video and learn what the other great sentence is and start crafting your Jaw Dropper. I can’t wait to see what you create.  Heck, I can’t wait to see what I create!  Watch the video now and share your thoughts in the comments section.


Two questions that can change your life from Daniel Pink on Vimeo.


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    • Hey, Brian: I don’t know why, but your comment got lost in the WordPress fray. My sincere apologies for my delay in responding.

      Your Jaw Dropper sentence is: What makes you Tick? This gets people to stop and think, which is great. And it gets them to ask for more information since everyone wants to find out what really does make them tick. I like it.

      I see you are in personnel assessment biz. These are fabulous tools to help individuals as well as companies to unlock the driving personality traits.

      What sort of reaction do you get from people when you ask this question?


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