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Julian Beever's 3D Sidewalk Art

Most of us have seen these great sidewalk artists in our own cities or abroad.  The one above pretty much says it all.  These temporary works of 3D art do make an impression.

But I saw a 3D marketing idea this weekend that created much more of an impression than the one above.  Unfortunately, you’ll have to use your imagination as I wasn’t able to take a picture of it. Long story.

Imagine, you’re walking down the street.

On the sidewalk is a 20-something girl all dressed in black with sunglasses.

She has a plastic bag of dried pasta noodles next to her.

She reaches inside the bag, breaks a piece off and begins to put it down on the sidewalk in a predetermined pattern.

After about 10 minutes of repeating this process, she has spelled out the following message.

Any spare change will make a difference for us. 

Thank you!

She then sprinkles small little bits of dried pasta around her words to give them special attention.

Her piece of three dimensional sidewalk art was not nearly as visually impressive as the one above.  But it did its marketing job.

In the next 15 minutes, several people did give her and her companion spare change.  Some of these people struck up friendly conversations.

I don’t have any idea how much money she was able to collect this way, but it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that her piece of 3D art – out of dried pasta noodles – got people’s attention.  It got them to stop, look, read and some of them took action.

You may not approve of the fact she is panhandling, but you have to admire her creativity, ingenuity and marketing sense.

Marketing Questions

Is your marketing getting people’s attention?  Is it getting them to stop and read?  Is it getting them to take action?

If not, how can you make your message 3D?

How can you make it stand out from your competition?

Do you have any dried pasta?
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