Marketing Isn’t a Dirty Word – It Is Your Lifeline

What is Marketing? 

Some think ‘marketing’ is just a fancy way of saying ‘sales’.  Not so.  Each are distinct disciplines.

Marketing Is Your Lifeline

Marketing Is Your Lifeline

Others believe marketing is what they do when they place an ad in a local newspaper or send out a direct mail flyer.  Nope, that’s advertising.

There are those who believe marketing is an activity for the Big Boys who have deep pocket resources.  Marketing isn’t for the small business.  Wrong again.  Marketing is for EVERY business, big or small.

And then there are those who think marketing is sleazy or some how unethical. Maybe this stems from obnoxious infomercials for miracle products or from used car salesmen screaming “Buy Now”.  But these are just the examples of poor taste in how some companies opt to communicate with their audience.

Marketing isn’t sleazy unless you want it to be.

The answer:  Marketing is everything about your business. It is your lifeline with your customers.

It begins when you decide to create your business by offering your products and services.

It continues when you select a name for your company.

Marketing is the research you use when it comes to identifying your ideal customers.

It guides the efforts in creating effective communication for your business to pull in prospects and customers.

Your customer service policy and your staff are natural extensions of your marketing.

In short, marketing is involved in every step of identifying, satisfying and keeping your customer.

Like it or not, all small business owners are marketers…some just haven’t accepted it yet.

Have you?





Sheila Hibbard

Sheila simplifies marketing and social media for small business owners. She offers straight forward, no nonsense marketing guidance and techniques that produce results. She has four decades of experience in all phases of marketing including communications, research, strategy and social media. Facebook | Google+ | LinkedIn |Twitter

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