Complicated Marketing Questions have Simple Answers – Really!

 Marketing Questions Can Appear Complicated


Marketing Questions Dr. Seuss


This is just an illusion.

In truth, your brain pretends a question is complicated when it doesn’t know the answer.

It feels this sense of befuddlement.

Brains don’t like to be befuddled.

Brains want answers…clarity.

This is why your brain is very good at coming up with all sorts of excuses as to why you don’t have the answers to marketing questions.

These excuses don’t erase the questions, but they do a give your brain less to do.

Padded with weak excuses, your brain goes on a Holiday; it plays mind tennis, or it watches a cooking show for hours on end.

So, how about we wake up that brain?

How about we get it fired up so it will actually be coming up with marketing answers that will create more customers and more sales?

Below are some of the excuses your brain uses to those seemingly complicated marketing questions along with your very simple marketing answer.

Go ahead.  Walk through them.

Your Marketing Questions with the Simple Answers

Your question: 

Why isn’t anyone is buying my product or service?

Your simple marketing answer:

Find out why not and fix it!

If your product is truly filling a want, then you have to ask your would-be customers “why” they are not buying.  It could be they are:

  • Not aware of your product or service
  • Unclear about what value your product or service delivers
  • Put off by some aspect of the product or service (e.g. price, positioning, packaging, etc.)
  • Satisfied with their current product solution and you haven’t given them sufficient reason to switch

Or any of a dozen more reasons.

Whatever the reason, find out and fix it.

Your question: 

How do I get more people to buy my products or services? 

Your simple marketing answer:

Find and tell more people!

Some products answer a want among a small group of people (a.k.a. niche).  This means you have to go deeper, reach out farther and cast a wider net to find this specific group of consumers.

When you find the, learn all you can about them so you can more easily find more of them.

Your question:

How do I do marketing?  How do I do social media?

Your simple marketing answer:

Learn how!

No one was put on this earth with the ability to do ANYTHING – other than breath – and that includes marketing and social media.

We all LEARN HOW TO DO EVERYTHING.  Through trial, error, insights and practice, we learn.

So must you.

Your question: 

I don’t have time to do marketing or social media.  Can’t I get someone to do it for me?

Your simple marketing answer:

Find the time and ‘No’!

Really?  No time?  This is perhaps the weakest excuse your brain tells you.

Every one of us gets the same 24 hours a day.  This means that if others can find the time, so can you.

You can have someone do your marketing, but it is a bit like having someone stand in for you on your wedding night.  There’s is no real substitute for the genuine you.

Plus will that someone care as much about your customers or your business as you?  If not, don’t risk it.

If your business means anything to YOU…if you truly want to achieve some level of success in your business, then you need to make time for marketing and put yourself out there.

Stay up late.  Get up early.  Stop wasting the time you have on stupid stuff and get serious about your business.

Your question:

How do I market my products and services without being sleazy?

Your simple marketing answer:

Don’t be sleazy!

“Sleazy” is when someone doesn’t stop talking long enough to listen.  They don’t hear when someone says “No”.

So, don’t approach marketing like hawking wares on TV.  Approach it as ‘sharing of information’ and listen to what people say.  If they like what they see and want what you have to offer, they’ll buy.  If not, they won’t.

Move on to the next opportunity.

If any of these marketing questions have been holding you back, take action, take action NOW.

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      Yes, it is common sense advice, yet, as my former mother-in-law used to say “common sense is not a common commodity”.

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