Marketing Success Online Requires A Mind Shift

Marketing Mind Shift

Online Marketing Gift Box


Prior to the Internet, retailers and business owners had all of the basic marketing moves down.  Reach deep into their pockets, run an ad in print, on TV or radio and/or in the Yellow Pages.  Toss in a little bit of PR.  Get the name and brand of the business recognized, give audiences a reason to buy and sell product.

Yes, there was a lot more involved, but this was, at the most basic level, how marketing worked.

Post Internet, the process of marketing is more involved.  There are many more moving pieces.

Plus there is the online density of everyone talking as once – trying to be heard and seen.  Standing out above the crowd, cutting through all of the online noise and fostering social media engagement is far more complex.

But with a subtle mind shift, there are many ways one can get the attention of their audience.

What type of mind shift is required?

The “Give To Get” Mind Set

When one gives – truly GIVES – there is a magic that happens.  Call it Kismet, the Natural Order of things or some sort of woo woo magic.  It doesn’t matter what you call it.  It just happens.

But here’s the thing most online marketers forget.  There is an art to “giving” a gift that will be truly appreciated, truly cherished. As Eleanor Roosevelt said:

“Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.” 

Gift Giving Rules of the Road

We all have a shelf or computer files filled with unwanted, ugly, thoughtless gifts we didn’t want, don’t need and aren’t certain why anyone thought the gift would be of value.  Here are some tips as to how you can avoid being unwanted.

1.  You want your online marketing gift to be a genuine expression that you know your audience’s deepest needs and that you’ve taken the time to create something of value just for them.

That is a true “gift”.

2.  It should be unique.  You don’t want it to be viewed as a cheap rip-off or as offering another me-too ‘sale’ or ‘discount’.  You want it to demonstrate  thought and caring.  Go the extra step.  Add another chapter.  Include a valuable tidbit.  Make it special.

3.  You also want to deliver your online marketing gift in a format that is audience appropriate.  While creating an app may be the coolest thing ever, it may not fit your audience.  A simple ebook might be a better format and far more appreciated.

Not certain what type of gift you should be offering online?  Feeling a little lost for gift ideas?

Well, here’s a short list of gift ideas to get you started.  Select the one you think your audience will truly appreciate, offer it for free and with no strings attached.  Make it a true gift.

Don’t forget that you can easily extend the ‘give to get’ idea to online partnerships as well.

15 Online Marketing Gift Ideas
  1. E-book series
  2. E-course
  3. Consultation
  4. Audits
  5. First lesson of a training program
  6. PowerPoint presentation
  7. Cool graphics or photos
  8. Thought provoking tweets
  9. Instructional YouTube videos
  10. Unsolicited testimonial or referral
  11. Smart phone app
  12. Membership trial
  13. Mind Map of a valuable process
  14. Podcast of an interview with a noted expert
  15. Great infographic sharing valuable information

This is just the tip of the gift idea list.  What other gift ideas can you think of?  Go and share your gift ideas below in the comments section and tell us what you’ll be giving to your audience.


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