1. Hi. My view is that,logo is important and is the face of the company. When an idea on setting up a business is conceived, first thing one to put in place is, company name,product and/or service then mission and vision. Logo is designed from those three key factors, logo becomes the face of the legacy(Company Name) and the brand, whether or not the product or service is good or bad logo is important,how you market the service or product will result in painting the logo. We should not confuse logo and how a product is packaged.

    • Jeffrey: Thanks for your comment. Yes, you’re right. The logo stems from the name, mission, vision, etc. And my point and that of Hugh is that there are many who focus on the logo design without giving thought to the purpose of their companies.

      While the logo may have a role in reflecting the company’s values, the face of the company can be and is many things. It could be the face of the owner (e.g. Columbia Sports), a sleek, well designed product (e.g. iPod), a cause (e.g. Tom’s Shoes). The point is people are not attracted to a company for its logo. They are attracted to what is offered and how that offer is packaged…the total package. The logo is just a small part of that package.

  2. What do you perceive as the relationship between a logo and branding? The Apple logo has evolved and changed over the years. Ditto for IBM, Ford, Volkswagen, Firefox and many other brands…. I have a vested interest here, I am a graphic designer who specializes in working with startups and entrepreneurs. I am of the firm opinion that EVERY business should have a logo. This can be as simple or as complex as you like and can afford. It can be as simple as the particular font and colour you choose – like CNN. Or as complex as the 2 in thick binder that Coca-Cola used to have as their logo reference book! Up to you, as the client… but having a logo establishes your identity quickly. Like Steve Jobs and his black T-shirts. It should mean something to you! Like my pawprint and tiger stripes for Southpaw Grafix.

    • Kathie: As described in the post, the purpose of a logo is not to define the business. A business, its purpose, its goals should define a logo. I am certain you’ve had situations where the client didn’t have their ducks in a row – didn’t really have a definition of what they wanted to be when they grew up. That had to make your job more difficult.

      Logo design is important, so much so that it should not be made in a vacuum to accommodate press deadlines. It deserves careful consideration, time, and thought prior to selecting a graphic design. Hope that answers your question.

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