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How Words Define Online Marketing

Kettle of Fish

Kettle of Fish by Arniie of Worth1000

Perhaps with the exception of English Majors and copywriters, many of us don’t really understand how our words define our world, but words do.

Wars have flared and fizzled based upon words.

Romances has blossomed and died based upon the choice of words.

Jobs or sales won or lost based upon the words used.

Products have achieved high or no sales because of the words used to describe the products.

Marketing ideas are communicated or forever lost through the choice of words used to express the ideas.

Getting online is pretty simple.  Anyone can open up a Facebook, LinkedIn or Goolge+ account.

But online marketing is another kettle of fish.

The words used online in posts, tweets, in profiles, in expressing marketing ideas make or break our efforts.  It is through the combination of words that we and our ideas are defined.  We consciously or unconsciously communicate who we are as individuals, what we represent and what we have to offer.

If your online marketing isn’t going as well as you would like, look at the words you are using.  Are you describing yourself or your products in the best light or do the descriptions lie flat and lifeless? Are your online marketing efforts a true reflection of you? Do your words speak to your audience’s heart?  Can you do better?

Take a look at the video below to see how words redefined one person’s day.  Then think about how you can improve your choice of words.


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