What Perceptions does Your Audience Have of Your Business?

Perception is Reality and it Rules Marketing

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What do you see? A young woman or an old woman?

It’s not necessarily fair, but the cold hard truth is that success, in some way, is defined by the perceptions people have about the brand, the company or the individual.

These perceptions can be good, bad or even neutral.  But often, these perceptions can be very, very wrong.

As an example, the video below shows how 14 inches defined someone as successful, defined their occupation and their estimated income.  All of these perceptions from just 14 inches!  

After you watch the video, you’ll begin to understand what is meant by the phrase  ‘small man complex’.

Results like these, demonstrate that people form many of their perceptions based on visual clues.

It also begs the question…


What thoughts do your audience have of you?

Before people ever walk into your store or office, they are forming their perceptions based upon your…

  • Website – Does it clearly tell them what you do, who you serve, the benefits of working with you and how to connect with you?
  • Address – Are you convenient, easy to get to or hard to get to?
  • Logo – What does it communicate?
  • Color – What does it infer?
  • Hours – Are you available to service them or difficult to access?
  • Signage – Is it easy to read?
  • Business card – Does it give them all of the information they need?
  • Layout – Is your office/store attractively displayed?
  • Personal touches – What do they say about you and what you like?

Think you may have a perception problem?

Then you need to take some action.

What image do you want to convey? Use two or three words to capture the image you want to convey.

Are all of the pieces working together to send that message?

What negative perceptions might your audience have of your business? If you’re not certain, ask your most truthful friend.  If necessary, hire a marketing professional to give you their impressions.

Are there negatives that can’t be easily overcome (e.g. location, etc.)?

Then think of how you might turn negatives into positives.  Example:  Some may think its hard to get to, but it is (fill-in-the-blank) has a cool history few know about, more affordable, dependable, hot, fun, up-and-coming, etc.

Give your business the once over.

Be brutally honest and take the necessary action to change negative perceptions into positive ones.

You’ll be happy you did.

Your Turn

What did you think of this video?  Is this fair?


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