Sales by David Ogilvy: How to Sell Anything, Anywhere to Anyone

Sales and David Ogilvy

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David Ogilvy, the inspiration for the TV series Mad Men, was a true master at sales.

He learned the hard way.  In 1935 when Ogilvy started, sales happened door-to-door and face-to-face.

In some respects, generating sales today are more difficult – device-to-device, impersonal and generic websites.

In other ways, generating sales are a bit easier – social media, website funnels, webinars, hang-outs, email, and the list goes on.

Ogilvy started by selling the AGA cooker in the U.K.  In the process, he learned a lot.  He learned how to:

  • Design sales strategies for his various audiences
  • Get into the minds of his prospects
  • Segment his prospects so he could tailor his sales presentations
  • Time his sales calls so the prospect would be most receptive to his knock on the door
  • Outsmart his competitors by using the back door and not the front
  • Use the prospect’s language to make them feel at ease and keep them engaged in the sales process
  • Identify what truly mattered to his various prospects
  • Overcome their objections
  • Create and use testimonials to overcome objections

Ogilvy continued to use these lessons when he opened his own advertising firm on Madison Avenue in NYC.  His campaigns were truly timeless. Here are the classics.  He seemed to have a thing about silver haired men and facial hair.  What do you think?

Hathaway Shirts

Introduced the black eye patch. The campaign lasted for 25 years.

 David Ogilvy and Sales - Hathaway


david ogilvy, sales and schwepps-r471x


Rolls Royce

 david ogilvy-sales-rolls-royce-ad


American Express

Ogilvy created the classic headline:

Don’t Leave Home Without It

David Ogilvy became an astute advertising master of his time.  Some of his pearls of wisdom still apply.

Bottom Line – The ROI of advertising is all that matters.

Respectful – The consumer is not a moron.  She’s your wife.

Seeking Improvement – Test everything.  Test your promise. Test your media. Test your headlines and your illustrations. Test the size of your advertisements. Test your frequency. Test your level of expenditure. Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving

Practical – Don’t let men write ads targeting women.

Integrity – Be honest about your product.

Investment – The point of advertising is to build a brand that will last for many years

Interested in learning more about David Ogilvy’s ACA sales process?


Then you will want to download a recent ACA brochure that has the entire sales process Ogilvy used when selling to door-to-door.

As you walk through the Ogilvy sales process for ACA, you will quickly realize that not much has changed in the last 50 or 60 years.

Just click on the image to the right, fill-in your name and email to download your copy of this timeless and classic sales brochure.  I promise you will learn a lot that you can use in the creation of your own website, landing pages, social media posts, blog posts, brochures, advertising and all forms of marketing.

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