Social Media has Evolved Quickly since 2001

Evolution of Social Media 

social media evolution - the marketing bit

One look at the Social Media Infographic below and you’ll begin to understand.

Understand what?

Why it has been so difficult to keep up with it!

In the infancy of social media, advances were every 2 or 3 years, with a little step here and a little step there.

Then BAM!

Starting in 2001, it just grew bigger and bigger.  Everyone starts getting into the space.  Starting with Wikipedia (which is still around thank you), there was this constant stream of innovation going on.  Some of these platforms are still active and have continued to evolve, some have not (e.g. MySpace).

SocialTimes pointed out that while this infographic includes some of the most popular apps – Whatsapp and Snapchat, it isn’t a comprehensive view of what is going on with mobile and the continuing impact it is having globally.

“There are plenty of networks that aren’t even mentioned, including Yik Yak, Whisper, Tsu and Ello, all of which are perhaps part of the ongoing Golden Age of social media.”

And then there is the streaming TV, the podcast space and the list goes on and on.  Social Media has given birth to a host of other technologies, many of which will also continue to grow.

That’s okay.

Mega international companies can afford the staff and time to keep up with all of these platforms, but the independent business owner really doesn’t have the bandwidth, nor should they.

While the social media evolution is impressive, this does not mean YOU need to be everywhere.  You only need to be where your customers are and they aren’t on all of these platforms.  So always pick and choose wisely.

social media evolution - the marketing big

Infographic courtesy of Simplify360

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