Social Media Overwhelm – 7 Steps to Get Rid of SMO

Are You Suffering From SMO – Social Media Overwhelm?Social Media Overwhelm

How can you tell?  Ask yourself these three quick questions about your social media efforts.

1.  Are you beginning to dread social media marketing because it eats up so much of your time?

2.  Are tweets, posts, updates, finding great images cutting into your other business obligations like payroll, inventory, proposals, etc.?

3.  Do you find yourself wondering if the S and M in social media really stands for sadistic and masochistic tendencies?

Well, if any of these statements rings true, then you need to listen up while I share some thoughts about you get rid of social media overwhelm.

1.  Is social media a good fit?

Should you even be on social media?

If your best customers are not on or active in social media, then why are you?   It doesn’t make a lot of sense to spin your wheels to reach them in a place they don’t visit.

That said, it would be difficult not to find one’s audience on one of the social media platforms. So, you may want to read more before chucking social media marketing.

2.  Don’t use ALL of the tools in the tool box. 

If you sink overflows, you don’t use a screwdriver to unplug it, do you?  You use the plunger or a snake to unclog it.  You use the right tool to do the job.

So it should be with social media.  You only need the specific social media tool that fits your audience – everything else is superfluous. 

Too many business owners are trying to cover all of the bases for fear they might lose out on someone.


You simply don’t have the bandwidth to run a business well and to be on ALL of the social media platforms as  well.

Instead, be selective about your audience and about your social media engagement.

3.  Take control

This may surprise some of you, but there is no law that says social media marketing needs to be 7/24/365.  Rather, there is great wisdom in the saying “less is more”.

You don’t have to blog 5 days a week when once a week is enough.  You don’t HAVE to be on Facebook or any of the social media platforms every day.

Select the day or days of the week that makes sense for you and your work schedule.  Your online audience will learn your schedule and when they can expect to see you online.

4.  Get organized

Mental clutter can push our buttons big time and trying to be witty on a dime is a challenge and best left for the pros.

Better to create a social media marketing schedule of what you want to say, share, post, tweet and when so it becomes a much easier and less time consuming process.

5.  Automate

There are oodles and oodles of automation tools out there and most are free. There’s Hootsuite, Buffer, Friends+Me and the list goes on and on.  Use them.

6.  Don’t do it – Outsource it

It’s not ideal, but if you have the resources to hire a social media pro and your time can be spent doing more important things – outsource it.  Perhaps you only need them to do the posting and sharing, while you handle questions and direct customer interactions.

Whatever you do, don’t turn the keys to your social media accounts over to a stranger or a high school intern and assume they’ll do a good job.   You need to hire a pro.  And even with a pro, you need to monitor their activities.

Your online marketing efforts are a reflection of your brand.  If your social media manager doesn’t understand your brand, you need to find someone who does.

7.  Don’t sweat it

Put social media in perspective.  Recognize that social media is for the long-haul and that your efforts will yield results over time.

You don’t want to ignore social media or play a disappearing act on your audience.  But the world will not end if you miss a post or a tweet.  You can always pick-up from where you left off.

Are you currently suffering from SMO?  If so, share your suggestions and ideas as to how to make social media more manageable for others.

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