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Yes, there is a good time to post to Social Media

As with any media, there is a good time to reach maximum exposure and not so good times.  Sunday readership of newspapers is higher than Monday.  Six p.m. news has more eyeballs than 4.  So it is with social media marketing on Twitter and Facebook.

Dan Zarrella is a natural born number cruncher and he crunches all sorts of data pertaining to the Internet.  This time, he and Kissmetrics came up with an easy to understand info-graphic that just might assist you in reaching more fellow Tweeters and Facebook Fans.  Take a look.

The Facts:

  • 5PM Eastern Time is the best time to tweet.
  • The best tweeting frequency is 1 to 4 tweets per hour.
  • Saturday is the best day to share content on Facebook.
  • Noon Eastern Time is the best time of the day to share content on Facebook.
  • The best sharing frequency on Facebook is .5 posts per day.

Before you decide to change your posting patterns, you may want to review your own social media marketing results.  Dan’s numbers represent total US patterns.  Your customers, your followers and fans may represent different patterns.  For instance, business-to-business customers may have different usage patterns than business-to-consumer.  So take a look at your own social media marketing results before making any major changes and let us know what you found.


When to Time Social Media

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