Marketing Ideas As Expressed Through A Book Cover

The Marketing of Books

I spied this TED video earlier today and it just stuck with me.  So I decided to share it with you.

You have a couple of options when you view this video.

You can view the graphic designer (Chip Kidd – one of the best in the book industry) having a really good time presenting to the TED audience and see the video as a source of entertainment.

Or you can listen to what he is saying about how he packages his client’s products to communicate with various audiences.  If you opt to listen, you’ll learn something about the packaging of your products and even of your services.

I hope you will not only enjoy the presentation by Chip Kidd, but will, most importantly, learn from his intrinsic marketing expertise.  For while entertaining, he is teaching some valuable marketing lessons – the fine and silent art of communicating with your audience.

How he considers the content and writing style of the book, the fonts to be used, the paper, the finish, the graphic, the interplay between the exterior paper cover and the hard book cover.  Nothing is overlooked to craft the perfect book cover design.  In the book industry, the cover is a critical piece of the marketing effort.

Share what marketing ideas you’ve learned from Chip in the comments section below.

P.S.  Have a great and fire-free 4th celebration.
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