Marketing Planning in The Fall

Prime Season for Marketing Planning

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Crisp falling leaves are the first sign that only a few months remain to reach your 2013 marketing goals, it is also the first big hint that a new year is just around the corner.

All of which makes this the perfect time to mull over your past and begin the process of planning for your future marketing efforts.

Trust me.  You don’t want to wait until the Holidays are upon you to spend some time thinking about which marketing efforts worked, which didn’t and what you’d like to see in the 2014.  You want to get yourself and your business prepared.

Let’s get engaged thinking about your marketing NOW so your old ideas can morph into new ones and have a chance to develop.

You can begin by reviewing the 25 steps to Yes.

Which of these steps did you implement in 2013?

How could you do these steps better?

Which did you ignore?

Then, using data wherever possible, you should drill down and analyze what you did or did not achieve for 2013.

2013 Marketing and Sales Goals

How close are you to your 2013 marketing and sales goals?

What steps, if any, can you take to achieve or exceed your goals before the end of the year, (e.g. promotions, media, etc.)?

If you miss your marketing and sales goals for 2013, will you know why?  What is your data tracking telling you?  What is the market telling you?

How can you address this issue(s) so it doesn’t negatively impact your abilities to reach your 2014 goals?


In what ways, if any, is your audience changing?

How might these changes in your audience impact your business?

How might these changes to your audience impact your marketing messages?

How might these changes to your audience impact your online marketing efforts?

How might these changes impact your offline media selection?

2013 Marketing Promotions

Which promotions, joint ventures, contests, etc. worked and why?

Which promotions didn’t work and why not?

Which could be enhanced to produce better results for your promotions?

2014 Marketing Goals

What do you want to achieve in 2014?

Are these SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time defined) marketing goals or are they just wishes?

Specifically, what will be required to achieve these marketing goals, (e.g. new staffing, new products, different tactics, etc.)?

What can you leverage from 2013 (e.g. experience, results, social media networks, etc.) to achieve these goals?

What are some of the market trends that you need to pay attention to that could impact your marketing goals and your bottom line (e.g. all things mobile, e-commerce, etc.)?

What is your data telling you?

These questions will get you started.

I’ve found it is best to let these questions marinate in your head for a bit before you attempt to answer them fully.

You may think you know why some marketing promotion did or didn’t work, but you don’t want to be guessing.   Where possible, study the data and let it lead you to new ground in 2014.

After all, you’re betting next year’s results on your answers, so it is worth spending some time looking at the data to confirm your thoughts.

Go ahead and get started – while the leaves are still on the trees.

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