Online Marketing: 25 Indispensable Tools That Deserve Our Gratitude

Online Marketing Tools 

I’m sure there are tens of thousands of online marketing tools.

Online Marketing Toolbox

Online Marketing Toolbox

New ones are being created every day.  Some free and some not.

What follows is NOT a list of the most popular, the hippest or the coolest online tools.

These are my unglamorous workhorse tools that have a warm place in my heart.  I can’t imagine being online without them.  They’ve become truly indispensable to me and perhaps you feel the same.

My List Of 25 Online Marketing Tools

Email Related

These days, the concept of email is about as basic as breathing.   While I can’t imagine being without it, I can imagine have fewer useless emails, but that’s fodder for another post.

1.  Gmail

What isn’t to like about gmail?  It’s free email.  It works.  What more does someone want?

2.  MailChimp

When I first started with MailChimp, I hated it.  Found it clunky and the monkey irritating. It didn’t feel very user friendly.  I also didn’t like that I had to “chat” with MailChimp rather than talk to them directly.  They never understood my questions and were always giving me links to stuff that didn’t pertain to my problem.

That said, I’ve gotten used to it.  It’s like getting used to your husband’s sister-in-law.  You don’t know why, you just wish she was someone else.

3.  Aweber

Solid like a ’56 Chevy.  I wish they would create some more eye-appealing email optin designs for their templates, but why mess around with stuff that seems to work.

Blog Related

Anyone who uses a blog to communicate with their audiences knows the positive feelings they have toward all things related to WordPress.


WP and I are like BGFs.  It serves as my mouth piece, my megaphone and it works well in this capacity.  And it doesn’t ask for anything in return.  What a great friend!

5. WordPress Press This 

Prowling over the web, I always see something that sparks a blog idea or that I want to read later and possibly link to in a post.  Press This plugin allows me to do it seamlessly.

6.  WordPress Editorial Calendar

Calendars of any type are indispensable, but perhaps more so when managing a blog.  It is so easy to get lost in the blogs you’ve created.  This calendar plug-in allows me to keep track of what I want when and helps me stay organized.  A great little tool.

7.  WordPress SEO by Yoast

What’s the sense of blogging if no one sees it?  Yoast keeps me walking the line between content and content that people will eventually see because it is SEO’d.

8.  Inbound Writer

Another great SEO optimizer tool that shows me how to write so people will find it.

Data Related

There are a lot of cool tools out there – heat maps and fancy analytics, but these two tools serve as my data backbone.

9.  Google Analytics

A good read of how the world turns on my blog and allows me to dive deep into the numbers when I want.  Another great and free resource from Google.

10.  Clicky Stats 

It works like an instant read thermostat.  Quick, sassy and all the data that matters for a blog at a glance.

Web Related

11.  Google Search 

I don’t think a day goes by without a Google search on something.  Like email, it is indispensable. The smarter it gets, the faster I get what I want.  Wish more businesses operated like that.

12.  Google Drive

And here’s another great free tool from Google – one’s own personal server in the sky.  Share, store, keep, access wherever or whenever.  Addictive.

13.  Pocket

Another quick online idea catcher.

14.  Evernote 

It has become my own personal online assistant with telepathic powers.  It can read my mind.  Why can’t husbands come with an Evernote in their brains?

15.  Social Media

Truth is I have a love/hate relationship with all of social media.  Each of the platforms requires energy, thought and, most of all time to implement.  That’s the hate part.

The love part is that social media levels the playing field for business owners of all shapes, sizes and industries. Deep pockets are no longer required.

Plus it gives power to the consumer – power that demands CEOs, Presidents, dictators and even Mayors (what about Mayor Ford of Toronto) to pay attention.

On a personal level, social media has introduced me to special people I had lost over the years and others I never knew before.

The immense power to connect and communicate online with anyone at any point in time has and will continue to change our world.

16.   Social Media Advertising

Regardless where your audience hangs out – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – the ability to narrow your reach and finely hone who will actually be exposed to your ads, is information I would’ve killed for in my ad agency days.

17.  Hootsuite 

I give special thanks for Hootlet and the auto schedule feature.  Very handy.

Other Tools

18.  Google Calendar

And the generosity just keeps coming from Google.

19.  Prezi 

PowerPoint on drugs.  Ideas really do matter and how those ideas are expressed makes a big difference.  I love the way Prezi adds movement to static presentations.  A very cool tool indeed.

20.  Piktochart

Who knew I could put together an infographic that didn’t look like a child’s drawing.  Very nice.

21.  Stock.xchng

A great and reliable source of photos and images and at the right price (free).

22.  Skype

What Ma Bell might have become.  Love it and use it all the time.

23..  Google Hangout

Conference calls with faces.  It’s a good thing.

24.  YouTube

Could you go a week without watching a YouTube video?  I haven’t in the last couple of years and I look forward to many more crazy, inspiring, informational and entertaining videos.

Yes, I’m talking about you, Grumpy Cat!

25.  Screencast-O-Matic

Nothing fancy.  Not a hint of cool Camtasia.  It just works like a workhorse to video my screens.

Your Online Marketing Tools? 

This is my list of essential online marketing tools that help me each and every day and for which I am forever grateful.  There are others that I use, but these are my good old boys.

Your online marketing toolbox is probably very different.

Which tools do you find indispensable?

Share below in the comments section.

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